And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


I know it is hard to get rid of the guns. But it is necessary. In Central America, after the war, they colected the AKs and for a while they were scrap. Then the maras tand the drug cartels started the fight again, and they have mass killed people, but I bet their arsenals pale next to any doomsday prepper in mid America.


Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people. :sunglasses:


I can’t shake the irony of this tragedy in that this genre of music-lover likely had a huge per capita advantage of NRA members.


Saw this on FB today…


There are a lot more nukes in the world than there are megalomaniacal dictators, so I’d say Kim is the more important factor in that equation. Interestingly, it seems to be mostly liberal commentators saying it’s inevitable that Kim gets nukes and that it’s not worth risking an armed confrontation over.


People with guns kill people, remedy, by more guns … to protect you from people that kill people, with guns! :roll_eyes:

People = harmless mostly
Guns = harmless when left undisturbed

People + guns = dangerous people

You can either take people out of the equation, or the guns… your choice.


Guns I may try to understand, fully automatic weapons should require registration and yearly license checkups, limits in amount owned and especially, control of ammunition.

How many shots per person to be killed? What kind of bullets used? I am thinking that Uncle Gazpacho comment in Iron Man 2.

This is what I am taklking about:
42 guns, loaded high-capacity magazines found in Vegas shooter’s hotel room and Nevada home


Fully automatic weapons do require registration, annual fees and licensing. That is all covered under the NFA of 1934, the GCA of 1968 and the FOPA of 1986.

To even purchase one you have to get approval from the ATF, pass the background check, register it and pay the tax. There hasn’t been a new legal automatic weapon created or imported for domestic sale since 1986. Anything that can be purchased is pre 86 and can run tens of thousands of dollars.

Its possible that a legally acquired machine gun was used but more likely a semiautomatic rifle was illegally modified to fire burst or full auto. We wont know for sure until the ATF reports their findings.


My bad, allegedly they found semi automatics, which, as per the news, can be turned into fully automatic with some tickering.

How many rifles do you need to kill a deer? These are weapons, not golf clubs.

Now that you mention costs, 42 rigfles plus ammo, that a lotta cash.


Apparently last Friday the NRA and other gun clubs celebrated Fully Automatic Friday. I guess Mr Paddock went a bit overboard in his celebrations.


The gunman did it because he lost his fortune in the tables of the casino?
It seems to be the most likely motivation to do such a thing.


Exactly my opinion too.


He did it because he had the weapons to do it and he went nuts about something.


I wonder how serious these mass shootings have to be until some actions are taken. Maybe when the death toll hits four figures?


Gun control is so polarizing that most politicians who want to stay in office stay clear of it whenever possible. Plus it becomes an issues of states rights and how much power the federal government has along with it being a constitutional issue. Even if the federal government does something. Many states will always push back with states rights. I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon if at all.

But as a gun owner myself and collected of many guns. This really hits hard. I do wish they could actually get something done about it.


That’s why I said there might be some change if the death toll hits four figures. These headlines keep popping up once per a few months, the only difference is the number of casualties and the location.


Realistically, I think close to 500 people are injured. And over 50 injuries resulted in deaths. I assume most of it is from bullets and some from the panic of the crowd. If that’s not enough by a gun rampage, I don’t know how much higher it can get without it being a highly organized attack. And if it is, I don’t think guns are the best way to inflict as much damage at a certain point.

After living in the states, I just don’t see all 50 states getting on the same page about gun laws. Even if somehow the federal government does do something, I’m willing to bet many states will fight it.


More like machine guns than rifles I’m betting.

How can a guy single legally purchase enough guns to start his own small army?


Go to a gun show. Nevada is pretty famous for that. Along with many other states like Texas.


Makes no sense.
You wouldn’t allows people to knowingly buy tonnes of chemicals that they would use as a bomb.

Why does somebody need 42 rifles?