And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


Guns are part of our culture for a variety of reasons. I’m a gun owner, and come from a family of hunters. (not safari hunting crap) I’m just saying that there are people in America who have a different view and experience when it comes to gun ownership. To preach to people isn’t helpful. The people need to decide this one and not a talk show host. I’d like to see us also care about what’s happening in Chicago.


Whatever, guns are part of lots of cultures. My family have guns and have collected guns but they are very careful with them and they are strictly regulated. Only the rural members of my family own guns for sport and hunting .

How many gun massacres where more than two individuals have been shot in my home country (outside of terrorism) , I can’t recall any in recent decades actually! There was just one gang related incident recently but thankfully they only managed to kill one person , possibly because they weren’t very experienced with the illegal and old AK47s they used.

There’s NOTHING special about America that means you have to tote very powerful modern weapons around and collect 40 of them at home .

It just means your society is messed up. You’ve let so many guns go into the wild people are afraid of each other , police are afraid of citizens, citizens afraid of police and politicians are afraid of getting assassinated too. Living in fear.


“Nutjob” - I forget the supporting research but many people when presented with facts still will not change their beliefs … facts just don’t matter to many people.

So no matter how much logic with supporting research you present to many, their position will remain unchanged.




FFS. Head hunting and cannibalism were part of some cultures historically, it doesn’t make it right in a modern civilization. There is zero defense for the current situation. Bringing up Chicago is just pathetic, you’re just regurgitating the NRA’s racist narrative. Arguing that people need guns for defense against other people with guns is infantile.


For example, a rocket launcher. Those are arms, yet prohibited. Clearly it is possible to define classes of arms which are prohibited without amending the constitution.


For my two cent on American tv
I recently discovered that neither myself or wifey really watch tv so we dropped the tv from our cable and saved 95 a month.

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Damn, your cable cost 95 dollars a month? Bay Area prices…


A Facebook post from another compassionate liberal:


She was fired from her position as a lawyer at CBS shortly thereafter.


Yeah and that was the cheap package
Most people pay 150 a month


Sorry @bear. I have a different opinion than you and I won’t resort to personal attacks. I can agree to disagree.


Its not a personal attack. Its just that the world is fed up with listening to Americans make excuses for a situation that cannot be excused. You can’t defend the indefensible and giving people virtually unrestricted access to weapons designed to kill people in large numbers is indefensible. We’re not talking about handguns for personal defense here.


In 1791, they should have written:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear muskets, shall not be infringed.”


Wonder how the Swiss do it. They have quite a few guns in circulation, but you don’t hear of mass shooting there very often.


You brought some stuff up about Chicago which seemed a deliberate and facetious move to get away from the core of the argument we’ve been making.

Do you have a particular concern for Chicago or is it just an avoidance mechanism to not deal with the heart of the issue?


Culture and education. That’s it.:2cents:


So let’s defund cultural and educational programs then… oh wait.


The situation in Switzerland is not the same as US. 1/4 number of guns per capita and less powerful weapons m Also Swiss have to sign up to tougher EU regulations.


What is wrong with what she said? Not compassionate, but no law says you need to be. No one is said anything when Fallwell, et al said 9/11 was deserved due to feminism, homosexuality, liberalism, and whatever else.

No one has to be quiet with their opinions and no one should tell people to wait to discuss it. You can cry against the liberal media all you want, you are just arguing against the same thing Fox does.

Her comments were on base, as well. A good portion of country music fans are GOP/45 supporters. Kind of ‘reap what you sow’ mentality. I am the same with Social Security. I would love to see the GOP/45 scrap SS, solely bc many GOO/45 supporters are of that age. If they lose their SS what happens? Oh well.


We are all aware of the demographic associated with Country and Western music. It’s why some comedians like Bill Mather previously joked There Should Be a ‘Mass Shooting At the Country Music Awards’ . On the day of the shooting there were numerous posts about Trump supporters, I saw one on Huff Post “Trump supporters, what the fuck is wrong with you” and another article discussing a tweet from a Comedy Centrals writer who said Trump voters should have their kids taken away.

That’s been the norm for almost a year now, It’s almost as if some on the left wanted to see a mass shooting of Trump supporters.