And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


That’s why they could have some State Militia, controlled by the state and not some random farts shooting guns.


I’ve asked. They don’t seem to have one. Maybe they need to invent one.

New times call for new chengyus.

Oh, and since you got me on this thread… I’m not commenting on Vegas until more facts are in. In the meantime, let the gun grabber derp run its course.



Sounds like someone’s trying to usurp the throne of our God-Emperor, Discobot. Tread carefully, human. :robot:


Two things:

  1. Colin Jost should not mess with @Icon. :cat:
  2. He kind of has a point about that law in Texas. :2cents:


And another…


It’s time to organize mass killing bees in this country. Anyone can pack whatever they want and go to a previously decided place. An abandoned school would probably work well. They’ll be fair game for whatever psychotic maniac who was shockingly able to acquire automatic weaponry and wants to attack them, and they can defend themselves of course.


Advocating violence? Tut tut…


Just trying to keep everybody happy.


I just don’t see gun violence achieving that goal. May I suggest a visit to the Cat of the Day thread?


What. The people who want to carry guns can do it, and will have a fair chance to heroically execute someone looking to undertake a mass killing. Those who don’t want anything to do with the fucking things will also be able to live well removed from the ensuing murder and insanity. I think it’s a win-win.


Sure, I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Maybe you should start a petition on and see if the idea has any traction. Just don’t be surprised if the FBI come knocking…


Just have an annual purge


I like the idea of legalized Battle Royale events with volunteers! You get entertainment, lower unemployment rate and generate revenues, while at the same fulfilling the deathwish fantasies of some loonies!

Few days ago I happened to watch a short video about a slab community in (california (or around there), the place looked like a live version of Fallout 4, it would be perfect!


Nah, it would have to be government sponsored.


There’s a site for that too.


Maybe I’ll call my congressman.


I’m surprised this even registered as a news event. It happens so often. Judging from the lack of political outrage in the media and elsewhere, I gather the guy was not a Muslim, immigrant, or his political motives are unknown.


Can someone explain to me what religion had to do with this?

Like… Did the guy molest her in the name of a holy crusade? Did he yell “Praise Jesus!” while doing so?

Or just because he is Christian? ?


If he’s Muslim people would be hyperventilating, and it’s even been well noticed that the last lunatic was an atheist. Sadly, any of those things could potentially be a reason for deciding to go shoot a bunch of people, as well as a bunch of other things. It’s going to be noted, and it could be relevant, but it certainly shouldn’t be assumed to be so, and will be one possible motivation that needs to be investigated.