Andaman Coast of Thailand ok for travel

I just got back from the west coast of Thailand and want to let people know they need tourists there.

Don’t be one of the fools who’s irrationally scared of a once in 10,000 years’ occurence and head to Ko Chang, where you’ll be greeted by elevated prices and HUGE crowds of other fools who were equally irrational!

The only places not suitable for visiting are Phi Phi and Ko Lak. The beaches are clean; the only negative aspect is that they’re unusually rocky because the tsunami washed away a lot of sand.

However, that small detraction is more than made up for by the tranquility. On top of that, you’ll be helping the people who need it most in the most direct way possible!

PS - I forgot to mention that I got discounts of 50% or higher in most places (unlike in Ko Chang, where I’ve heard the opposite is true – it’s that old ‘supply and demand’ thing!)

And don’t listen to the media hype: there’s absolutely no epedemic of any kind!