Andrew Yang and the Forward Party

To get here, they need better branding, much better. :sweat_smile:

Their candidate doesn’t have to be the first choice for 50% of the voters. That candidate would just to need to the fall back for at least 50% of the voters.

Anything would be better than this.

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Really? With some of the shit shows in Congress, that’s the line where anything would be better than that? :sweat_smile:

It’s a social event, removed from the daily grind. So, yeah, civility has really been lost when this kind of shit happens. IMO naturally.

And not that this is hallowed ground, but a guy got shot at this game a few years back. This is a game to show they can be good sports and work together. Fucking high school stuff and this one flips off the other team? It’s just so unprofessional. People would get tired for that kind of behavior at a company picnic, which is essentially what this game is.

Andrew Yang spells out what the party is looking to achieve. Voting reform is still the priority, and they want to participate in local elections for school boards and other official positions.

In terms of Federal level elections, they are endorsing Evan McMullin in Utah and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska. Both are or at least were Republicans. McMullin left the Republican party because of Trump. Murkowski voted to convict Trump, and is censured by the Republican party.