Andrew Yang and the Forward Party

No Andrew Yang thread yet? He’s not gong to be the next US president, but interesting to think what he would do, especially from a Taiwan perspective.

And what is UBI?

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Hey, this thread is about AY…

I think more politicians should talk about how to deal with unemployment caused by automation. This is going to happen if you are left or right.

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Usually people of his caliber are not really running for president, but are angling for some sort of cabinet position, in the event that their party’s nominee wins. Unfortunately, Yang’s endorsement of UBI will make him toxic for this purpose. He’s wasting his time running.

Andrew Yang, anyone? Like in real life, he’s not even part of the conversation…

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Too bad his ancestors didn’t spell their 陽 on immigration form as ‘Young’. Then he’d get a few followers just on confusion with the famous Atlanta mayor and confidant of MLK, Jr.

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He’s like a really smart person, it seems. :slightly_smiling_face:

Listened to the whole podcast. Great conversation.

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Please continue discussing the wall in the The US-Mexico border thread

Even if the results of this very limited experience were all positive, implementing it nationwide in a country like the US is a whole different ballgame. I feel that it just might be too much change for a society to handle, but then automation is a change that might be too much for a society to handle as well. I always wonder who these big companies that produce with the help of robots are going to sell their products to when unemployment numbers will get higher because of automation.

You know where I think UBI could work? Japan and S korea. Japanese work culture and attitude towards work ethic might give it a chance. It’s too shameful to not work there, where as US people are proud to live off others because they feel entitled to free stuff from the gov.

Might be true for some people, but if you think of a proud truck driver with a family to feed, there will be many people begging for those old jobs coming back, anything but staying at home and feeling useless. That basic income would just mean that some folks retain some dignity and have enough to cover their bills. A lot of challenges ahead, people like Andrew Yang are looking for solutions and I think this can only be a good thing.

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There are also reasons why some people/entire communities fall into long term unemployment that no amount of free money will solve.

He is right!!!

I think Yang did well in the first round of the debate. He actually got more applause during the closing statement than other candidates.

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