The US-Mexico border thread

A new development in Fast and Furious. Will he talk?

Here’s an idea…

The symbolism would be perfect. And, arguably, it would be Mexico paying for it. Well, Mexicans at any rate.

I think a good argument could be made that it would be Americans paying for the wall through the use of such funds. American drug users, but still Americans.

And why is this even an issue? I thought it was all solved. Trump did say on the campaign trail “Mexico by way of theoretical gains we will make as a result of a restructured international trade deal.” I’m sure of it.

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I wouldn´t care for them building an useless wall if it wasn´t for the butterflies and other fauna. They are the only ones who cannot figure a way around/over/under.

Well, at least he ain’t full-on far right republican à la @Andrew0409

This is why I switched my position on trump, and this is why he will win 2020. Everyone who does not have left leaning ideology is far right, alt right, nazis, racist, sexist, etc.


That doesn’t concern me anyway. That concerns you more.

So you’re suggesting that someone who supports building a border wall is NOT far right?

How is it far right? When did having a border and enforcing immigration laws become far right?

Stop feeding yourself on fake news.

No explain, how is having a border and enforcing laws of the land far right?


Good advice. Hopefully @gain will heed it. :sunglasses:

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Half of all americans do (and did), it just depends what you call it.


some people make a distinction between building a border “wall” and a border “fence.” Indeed, analyzing 150-plus polls conducted over the past 13 years available in the iPoll Databank archive shows that 49 percent supported a border “fence” while 38 percent supported a border “wall”—an 11-point difference

A good read overall.

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How about trying to address issues without creating a false choice between left or right wing, and actually thinking about the issues?

He didn’t talk about the border, or immigration laws. He was talking about the wall specifically.

A good start would be responding to what people are actually saying, rather putting words in the mouths of the people you’re having a discussion with.

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I really think you should heed your own advise. I never made it a left or right issue…

Again, heed your own advise. You have the weakest arguments of anyone i’ve talked to so far. Or rather lack of argument.

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He asked you to explain why it isn’t a right wing issue. You then deployed a burden of proof reversal, asking him why it is.

Maybe you can answer his question. That might lead to an actual discussion or exchange of ideas.

No he called me far right…so no I did not make it a left right issue. I asked why this would be a left or right issue.

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Didn’t you just get edited out by a mod for breaking the first rule lol. Like just now!? What did you say about my character?

So did a mod just edit you out for an ad hominem?

You really need to listen to your own advice.