The US-Mexico border thread

Is obama, Clinton, or biden far right?

Did Obama, Clinton, or Biden support a border wall with Mexico?

Why yes they did. In 2006 and in 2013. Those names along with the majority of democrats supported the building of a barrier. And over 700 miles of walls and fences have been built from the support of the bill. Interesting how since Trump wanted a wall…it’s now far right.

Here is beautiful Ted with his cool beard bringing this to light

So are they far right?

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Why are you always so wrong? He made a claim about me being far right, and followed up with with insinuating because the wall is far right. The burden of proof is on him, he made the claim , a claim is a claim even in a question format. so the fallacy of burden of proof argument does not apply…maybe actually learn how each fallacy works before posting it? And not break the first one just a min before and get edited out by a mod.

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Is this true? I was under the impression the barriers in place to date are fences and similar structures

The impression I got from what trump wants to build is a wall made of reinforced concrete(remember seeing him explaining this to some kid as well on last week tonight) and it would stretch from coast to coast

There is a difference between trumps vision, and what has been previously built

Correct me if I’m wrong, but some funds were allocated(1.4bn if I’m correct) fiscal year 2019 for additional fences and other barriers

But either way, I can see how people are a bit miffed about paying for a wall, Mexico was supposed to pay for the thing. Why is trump focusing on Congress when he should be haggling with the Mexican government

This is the third post in a thread where at that point Andrew0409 hadn’t posted.

And yet he’s the one receiving a lecture about not turning debates into binary Left-Right, focussing on the issues, and overall debating etiquette.


Heaven forbid a country try to enforce immigration laws.

Anyone that doesn’t agree with you is ‘laughable’ , I’m starting to see a trend.


did you just call the whole of Israel far right? Out of all the people, you’d say the Jews are far right?


In 2013, the bill passes with all of the dems in senate for and most of the dem in house for 54 billion for security and repairing and reinforcing the border structures. Some parts are newer, many others are broken down to useless. It makes the jobs for the border patrol harder with less detection time and limited resources covering an entire border.

I’ve seen the border a few times, some of it is like a 8 feet fence, some of it is steel pieces, some more fence like, others more wall like…but the concept of a wall and fence is rather the same. Why does the nature of something change from a fence to a wall?

Why not actually build a good wall if we already spend so much fixing a fence and building new fence?

Again, i’m on record as a skeptic of the effectiveness of the wall. But since we already have to spend money fixing and building new barriers all the time, why not? And it looks like it cost billions already each year to do so, why not build a sturdy strong wall? And it is a campaign promise, so I can respect him trying to get it done no matter what.

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So, fence and wall are rather the same. But, they are not exactly the same

Just google wall and google fence, and you’ll see these are different things

So, saying dems supported walls prior to trump supporting them is misleading as the prior structures are more fence like than wall like

And furthermore, the wall trump wants to build is a reinforced concrete structure that runs coast to coast, and that is miles different from what already is at the border

Ps, I support the wall although I think trump isn’t going far enough. We need guard towers as well

Israel does not equal the Jews. Netanyahu and orthodox Jews are inextricably linked with US right wing politics, and Netanyahu and his supporters are clearly right wing ideologically.

Cultural Jews in the US are a different story, most secular Jews tend to be centrist or left wing.

Wall is a trump promise, supporting the wall is equivalent to supporting trump. No democrat would ever want to be seen doing that. A fence on the other hand… is just a physical object and not a symbol.

Also apparently after actually asking what the border patrol would want, it was determined that a steel fence/barrier that you can see through rather than a full-on concrete wall is more desirable.

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“First they came for the orthodox Jews, and i didn’t say anything because they were far right…”

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They are by nature the same thing. My house in texas had to follow city code for a fence. It allowed a brick layered solid fence…which you can call a wall.

Not really, they supported a barrier, and they gave no reasons why they are ok with a fence and not a solid wall.

Yeah, so it seems even more stupid to spend billions already on the existing barrier that is broken down and not as solid.

If the Dem gave one reasonable reply to why they can support billions for fixing and building more fence and not just one really solid wall…maybe I can not call them hypocrites.

why do you continue to make yourself sound ridiculous like saying i’m making it left right issue when I wasn’t even in the thread

and it doesn’t even end there. You proceed to lecture me about argument fallacies when the post before you got edited out by a mod for breaking the first rule of personal attack. And don’t even understand who the burden of proof is on…which is on the one making the claim…


The far right that went after the Jews in the event you’re cynically and offensively referencing didn’t ask if they orthodox or not.


lets just say the idea of a perfect fence is different than a perfect wall.

But what is the purpose of building either of the structures? To act as a barrier right? Both act as a barrier, why is one supported and another is a sign or hatred, bigotry, racism, and the far right?

Bulgaria built a very effective razor wire fence. It achieved their objective.

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Fences do work indeed. Hello Hungary!

Yeah, you can probably achieve whatever trump wants to achieve with a steel structure more cheaply than one made of reinforced concrete. But, is it as cool as a big beautiful solid concrete wall sealing of the USA from the south? Obviously not, so we want a wall!

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