Anglicising Taiwan's Place Names says Great Community

Oh, look at that. It is Supreme Harmony!

Or Great Unity? :ponder:

高雄市 is bamboo forest city?

高雄 is Tall hero

[edit: Marco beat me to it!]

Better than Hit Dog(打狗). Amirite? :rofl:

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Are we talking about a Dagou City or about that peach you got from… somewhere? :confused:

Kaohsiung, before the Japanese came was known as 打狗 or Takao.

The Japanese wanted to keep the same name but found the idea of ‘hit dog’ to be barbaric so they renamed it to 高雄. 高雄 is pronounced Takao in Japanese. The ROC kept most of the Japanese names and just use the Mandarin pronunciation


Oh, okay, that makes more sense. I was wondering why you would ask whether hitting a dog is better than… :speak_no_evil:

Yeah, I think High Hero City is way better. :slightly_smiling_face:

means bamboo forest in an aboriginal language.

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I live in Happy Valley doesn’t sound any better

What’s wrong with a little happiness in your valley? (Even if it’s a place of death and despair?) :happyrunningaround:


Who can play in this weather i.e. the set up is very complicated for accomplishing the desired outcome.

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Uuuummmm…what now?

I’ll start
板橋/Banciao -> Woodbridge

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It is like Kentucky -> Prairie or Geneseo -> ShiningValley.

Isn’t 萬隆 Wanlong “Extremely prosperous”?

And therefore Da’an would be Big Cheap? 大安

This was done years ago (and better) with MRT stops.
IIRC, the big winner was Large Serenity Woodland Forest Public Garden on the Blue line…


I have an issue with this. So I am translating this article and they mention this neighborhood up in the hills of Xindian which is home to many kinds of artists. It is called 花園新村.

Usually I have heard it called New Garden City. Or Garden Village.

The bus number 3 green stops in Dapinglin before hiking up to the mountains and take people to this village. Guess what it says on the destination LED display? Huayuan New Village. :rant:

Oh and in the article they called it something else I have forgotten and discarded because WTH.