Animal traps large and safe enough for stray cats?

We might want to buy or make some cat traps, so as to be able to capture (and thus rescue) some stray cats that are too timid to be approached. Does anyone know where such humane traps, e.g., a 30"x18"x18" stainless cage with a falling door triggered by weight on a feeding platform, can be bought? And if not, are there any Forumosans with the skills to make one, and interest in contributing to saving strays in this way? Pretty please??? :pray:

I’m more than happy to take a look at it. Can you find some examples on the web for me to take a look at?

Here’s a useful-looking site. On feral cats. Scroll down to where you’ll find links to live trap-making instructions, as well as very comprehensive instructions on how to trap cats, how to get them ready for surgery and how to get them to the vet, etc. Very interesting stuff. also has trap-making instructions. has more comprehensive trapping instructions.
Here are one or two additional sites with good information. Might also be worth Animals in Taiwan contacting them.

cheers for that. I like the title of the page: “Cat Wrangling 101” sounds like some kind of pickup line site.