Animal Welfare Organizations. Caring for Animals in Taiwan

Many Forumosans are greatly concerned with the alarming problem of stray animal over-population in Taiwan. While some organizations are dedicated to making a difference, there are also heaps of individuals who help animals in their own way. They are certainly a part of the solution.

Animals in Taiwan have a voice on Forumosa through people like you. :slight_smile:

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[url= rescued with a rubber band around his neck (How to capture a stray dog)[/url]

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AIR-Animal Ilan(Yilan) Rescue

-Little Bridge Dog

This organisation is based in Kaohsiung. Look for the link “English” at the top of their website for the English version.

Also based in Kaohsiung. (Chinese only)

Organizations Dedicated to Cats

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Animal Welfare in China.

-Animals Asia

[color=orange]Hello everyone. I would like to announce the formation of a new organization in the greater Taichung area to help out animals in Taiwan. We are a group of activists who have grouped together to set up a branch of AnimalsTaiwan here in Taichung. We are calling ourselves the TaichungPAWS. Please check out our website and contact us if you are interested in helping us out. We need volunteers. If you have time this Saturday, Jan.13, 2007, we will have our kick-off event. Please join us and let us know how you can help us out. Please check our website for details.


-Calling all animal lovers to Taichung!!!

[quote=“bobepine”]Organizations Dedicated to Cats

(Click on the image for the link)[/quote]

Actually, we don’t limit ourselves to cats (anymore). And our link has changed:

see below!

Here’s the UPDATED ‘Streetcats in Taiwan’ info.

We call ourselves [b]R/b [b]A/b [b]W/b (of) Animals (in) Taiwan: RAW AT. We work in close association with Animals Taiwan.
We don’t limit ourselves to cats (anymore).

Our url:

And our tag (if you put this on your site, people can click the image and go directly to our site):

Marjan (MO) and Marloes

The tag code is:

Well, I never got around joining AnimalsTaiwan here from Forumosa, but then wife and few Taiwanese ladies had started coordinating their efforts and so we have now a little organization, although without official status. We present our dogs at a shopping mall in Jhongli-SinWu (a Carrefour market) [damned, without town signs here I am not even sure which town exactly] and are trying to rehome dogs.

Our website is actually in my avatar.

Although I feel like reinventing the wheel if we already have AnimalsTaiwan.

Other than AnimalsTaiwan, we have the concept of also searching overseas adopters, although I see the problem with that approach (all countries have dog shelters full of dogs).

So… need a dog? :bow:

Ah yes, we mainly work in Taoyuan county…

Animals Taiwan has made the news:

From CNA

[quote]TAIPEI, Taiwan –– A nonprofit animal protection organization in Taipei called Saturday f
or an end to the abuse and torture of domestic animals in Taiwan by providing them with a safe and caring environment.
The founder of AnimalsTaiwan (AT), Sean McCormack said at a press conference that neutering, rather than killing, of animals is a more effective method of dealing with the stray pet problem in the country.

“My hope is to achieve the goal of caring for and protecting domestic animals by educating school children and the wider public on the issue, with the help of media,” he said.

He suggested that “by protecting animals and showing love for them, Taiwan can enhance its image in the international community.” Report of animals in distress may be directed to the organization’s hotline at 02-2833-8820, while more information about AnimalsTaiwan is available at its Web site at


Also Taipei Times

Local group seeks end to street animals’ suffering

‘STOPPING THE LEAK’: Education on neutering, animal care and compassion for animals can help put an end to the suffering street animals face, the group says
By Meggie Lu

recently i took in an injured stray cat, and from forumosa and some googling i was pointed to an animal charity hospital who treated her for free. so i’d like to share this info as i don’t see it on here. it’s called “Love for Animals. Care for life” charity animal hospital. they will treat injured/wounded stray animals for free, but they don’t keep them as would an spca. it’s financially supported by 郭台銘 (fyi), and all the vets (i believe there are 5 of’em) are certified and attended NTU.

Addy: 1F, Datong Rd. Sec. 1, Xizhi City
02 8691 5007 M-F 9:30am-6:30pm (closed on wkends)



這裡只幫流浪動物看病,結紮,做手術但不收留. 看病的費用是免費的.

服務時間: 週一~週五9:30~18:30(例假日休息)
院 址: 台北縣汐止市大同路一段141號1樓
電 話: (02)8691-5007
傳 真: (02)8691-9301

Does anyone know of any animal rescue groups in Chiayi? My heart is breaking over the stray population here and I would love to find others who share my passion for helping animals. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Start one. You’ll be amazed how quickly it grows. Just be sure to get everyone working toward a shared goal at the onset, with a clear mission statement. And be aware that you will have to know how to deal with people issues more than with animal ones.

But do it. You won’t regret it. And I will happily add what support I can.