AnimalsTaiwan fund-raising party on June 7th!

[color=green] fund-raising party[/color]

[color=olive]“PARTY ANIMALS! Let’s do it like they do on the Discovery channel! oh ya!!”[/color]

Furry. Cute. Intelligent.
It’s time to give something back
Saturday night June 7th come and join AnimalsTaiwan as we raise money for critters of all shapes and sizes.

The show promises something for everyone with live hip-hop, African music, red hot salsa action and DJs.

Event Name: AnimalsTaiwan Fund-Raising Party (PARTY ANIMALS! Let’s do it like they do on the Discovery channel! oh ya)

Event Webpage:
Date: 21:30 ~ 2:00 June 7th
Venue: Center Stage (former The Living Room)
Location: 3F, #8, Nanjing E. Rd, Sec. 5 / 南京東路五段8號3樓

Cover Charge: NT$ 350 (including a raffle ticket - additional raffle tickets can be purchased on the night) *All the profits go to AnimalsTaiwan to be used directly for improving the welfare and preventing suffering of animals on the island.

50/50 Super Happy Lucky Time!
Game tickets are $100NT for 1 ticket or $200NT for 3. At the end of the night we will draw one winning ticket and give half of the money to the winner and the other half to the animals! Super! Happy! Lucky! Geisha!

21:30 ~ Introduction about AT/ Short Stories about our animals
22:00 ~ PanAfricana Cultural Troupe/ 泛非文化樂團 ( Afro-beat / Roots Music)
23:00 ~ Salsa Time ( break time )
23:20 ~ THC -Taipei Hip Hop Crew ( Rap / Hip Hop / Freestyle )
23:50 ~ Idioteque ( Pop/ Indie / music that you can flail along to )
00:50 ~ RoXon by DJ Hooker & DJ Stefan ( FRESH new track )

Special Thanks to:
◆On Tap Living Room

Taipei’s latest duo. DJ Hooker brings the beats/ production and Stevie Rox brings the keys. Batteries not included.

♪ Idioteque
The acclaimed club night (originally hailing from Leeds, Englandshire) has now settled firmly in Taiwan. It was created by one Harold Dean some time ago and has kept people entertained with its Indie based music stylings and satiated with its Idiotreats!

♪ PanAfricana Cultural Troupe
is back with hot music to warm the soul. Afro Beats (Live African Drums), Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, MC Rankin Kim and more…. We are hot and we are live! Experience the music, feel the vibes. Guaranteed to Entertain!

♪ THC - Taipei Hip-Hop Crew
Straight Hip Hop… Real Hip Hop… made by some 4 real Hip Hop headz.
A lot of folks talk about hip hop, say they like hip hop… yeah right! This is the REAL DEAL, son! Fat beatz and Fat rhymes, what the hell else you want?[/img]

[quote]Furry. Cute. Intelligent.[/quote]I thought you were talking about Sean until you mentioned the third one.