Anime shop/ Sofeware shop

Anyone know where i can find a Anime shop or software shop that sells h-games?

If you are in Kaohsiung, you can head to Jianguo Road. There are numerous little anime stores interspersed between the computer stores. I have no idea what an “h-game” is, but the chances are that Jianguo Road will have a store that’ll sell them. :smiley:

If you can’t find anime in Taiwan - at least Taipei - you’ve got problems. 7-11, Family Mart, every single CD store… H-games are a bit harder to find, but not much.

In Taipei, go to the basement of Guanghwa. Unless you’re blind, you’ll find it. Something to note is that a lot of the h-games are in Japanese.

Also, in that new 3C place near Nova (Taipei Main Station). There’s a shop in the basement that has a big sign saying “Over 18 Only” above the entrance.