Ankle support piece

Dragon Boat training has led to the first injury of the season - a rather severely sprained ankle for which some kind of ankle support device would be useful at the moment. Where to possibly find these? Long rubber strands (1 metre) for physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscle around the ankle also sought. This I’ve really no clue where to find. Many thanks in advance.

Many of the pharmacies and (sometimes) grocery stores will have the simple neoprene support cuffs, but I had to go to a shop in the first floor of a hospital to find an adjustable brace. Alas, I’ve been to four hospitals and don’t recall exactly which one, although if I were to guess I’d say it was Cardinal Tien in Xindian. The rubber strands, it depends on what exactly you’re looking for. I’ve seen simple rubber strands at Carrefour in the sporting goods section, but can’t speak to length or quality, but you might take that as a starting point.