Annie's English School

Man, i feel like I should just go get hired there to make their lives a nightmare with the labour affairs centre.


They have contacts with the local educational bureau and threaten teachers when they submit a complaint with the mol. I backed out of my complaint simply to keep my visa since I was already planning on leaving after the contract. They didn’t give 2 shits about the legality of the contract and will openly violate taiwanese labor law. They will even lie to new teachers, get them to violate immigration law unwittingly and then threaten them with the information later when they try to report it.

The person above me is right the owner, Annie will watch the camera like a hawk. She personally admonished me as lazy because I dared to sit down while marking students work.

Annie also likes to rope her clients (parents) into attending speech contests as a ruse to sell them on various shit (in Chinese) for hours.

My girlfriend (a taiwanese local) used to work here and they made her work off the clock constantly (which is wage theft). They also paid her peanuts. There’s no quality control over their textbook or consistency either. They tend to hire teachers pretty indiscriminately (one of their teachers was on the news involved with murder and drug trafficking). It’s just a shit show

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I would like to grave dig for a moment and ask if anyone knows if this is the Annie’s school near Xingtian Gong (Temple) that everyone is talking about?

I just went past it on a bus and I saw Montessori materials in the window. Like, an almost complete set of primary (3-6 year old) Montessori math materials. Are they trying to run a parallel Montessori kindy?

No need for anyone to actually answer me, I just wanted to put my thoughts out onto the internet

There is one in xintianging so it’s probably the one you are thinking if. It’s the only Taipei location they have.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they copied material from Montessori and they do run kindergarten, but I’d be surprised if they knew it was Montessori or had any Montessori training whatsoever unless things changed drastically since 2018

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I have seen quite a few schools in Taiwan that purchase Montessori materials and just have them sitting on shelves. I don’t understand why, but they do it.

Maybe it’s like the trophies they he in the windows.

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Maybe it’s to taunt students. “This is the freedom you’ll never have!”


Hi folks, I have applied at Annie’s among other schools.
This thread is from 2014, but I see some new info from last year.

Can the “exploit teachers” habit at Annie’s be confirmed by anyone else?
Also, can someone post a list of the various Annie’s locations in NTC ?


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If you work in Taiwan you will be exploited. Is Annie’s in Taiwan? Are you working? Then you will be exploited.


Just go to the Annie’s web site. Anytime you get exploited go to the bureau of labor affairs. Use email to communicate with management employees and forward them all to the boss , don’t just rely on the manager. Any abuse to kids record and report. You will not be black listed by the government. As for Annie’s itself “No comment” :zipper_mouth_face:

I have little time for the bureau of labor affairs. :slight_smile:
I am going to interview with Annie’s soon and the feeling I got after exchanging some emails with their HR isn’t exactly stellar.
Your post makes me even more worried. What is your personal experience with them?

if you work in Taiwan you will be exploited.

OK, this is a bit of a broad statement, isn’t it.

Reasonably accurate though. It took me 2 years to get a good boss to stop stealing from my pension.

The bad one’s I left pretty quickly

The OK ones I just accepted being exploited


Can you elaborate on ‘stealing from your pension’?

Very bad

Yes I read your post about your gf’s experience there, any other detail you may have could help. Thanks.

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Have you worked in Taiwan?

Sorry I think I’ve said everything already. Just wanted to emphasize just how much of a nightmare it was for me.


Citizens (with household registration), permanent residents and those with dependent ARCs are legally entited for an amount equal to 6% of their salary to be paid by their employer into a pension account.

Getting this paid correctly is no easy task.

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Not yet.