Annie's English School

A nightmare for you?
I don’t get it. Long work hours for her should have meant more free time for you. :slight_smile:

So if I’m on a work Visa I can’t expect to see that paid, right?

I don’t remember if I detailed everything on here. Don’t feel like combing back through it but it was worse than not enough hours.

You aren’t entitled to it if you’re on a work visa. From my understanding they could elect to pay it if they wanted but hell would freeze over first.

If at some point you switch to an APRC you can expect your employer to ‘forget’ to start paying into the pension.

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If on an APRC they will just say you’re a contracter and ask you to join a union or will not give you employment. Only for full time do they have to do that.
The Cram schools here will literally do anything to deprive employees of money legally owed. As on you’re on an APRC they (immigration) can cancel it if you get involved politically.
The best weapons are journalists and popular bloggers. Name and shamewithout getting sued.

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It’s the same thing in the US, actually. If you aren’t full time, you get no 401K and no medical/dental insurance.

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Well, yes they probably will say that, but it doesn’t mean they’re right.

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It’s very immoral and yeah some schools do that. The ones that do then maybe consider it a red flag. They’ll probably expect you to turn up to meetings non paid and parents meeting non paid etc.

I don’t know if you got the job or not, but I worked there for a couple of months.

The lessons are 3 hours long, with a 15 minute break in the middle. They have someone monitoring the cameras at all times to make sure you don’t use your phone, for any reason. I got sent a screenshot by the woman who is head of HR of the security camera showing me looking at my phone.

I also got told off for “getting too close to the students”. Like wtf? This was doing normal things like walking past their desks and checking their work during class.

Also had a run-in with the head of HR. I resigned from the job because I found a better job elsewhere, and long story short, I ended up losing that job. I went back to the school and asked to withdraw my resignation, they told me they found someone else. Disappointing but fair enough.

I then went to a sports day event and Annie chatted with me, she said “I heard you were leaving”, so I told her what happened and she offered me my job back. I thought that was nice of her. This was then confirmed on Monday by the branch director, and I signed something to that effect.

Two weeks later I get an email from HR reminding me my last day is in 2 weeks. I thought “what the fuck is this?” So I wrote to Annie on line, and she blocked me.

It sounded like there was a bit of a power struggle between Annie and HR. Yeah, the pay and conditions are generally bad.


I told you this school is bad. It’s worse than all this though. So much worse.

I heard Annie has branched out recently. Created an off shoot targeting higher paying clients. Something something academy I don’t remember the exact name.


Luya Academy. I applied for a job with them about a year ago, but i didn’t get it. They said i needed more experience.

Are you guys talking about Annie’s English School in Xinzhuang above Carrefour? I often walk past there

It’s a big chain there is one in xinzhuang but there are also more locations across new Taipei and one in Taipei (maybe more it’s been a few years now)

Yeah, they have quite a few branches, but it seems like Annie doesn’t really have control of it anymore.


The woman who is head of HR seems to be extremely cold. When she found out Annie had agreed to let me stay she seemed to take that very personally, “it’s my job to hire foreign teachers”, that type of thing.

When I said I wanted to talk to Annie about it she threatened to have someone escort me out.

If it’s the same person, there are many names I would call her. But because public insult is illegal in Taiwan ill just say, I do not like her.


Shes been there for 6 years, so it probably is the same person. She obviously said something to Annie to force me to go. No idea what, but I’ll avoid saying more because I also don’t want to publicly insult her.


Do you know if that woman - I know who she is - is also in charge of HR at Luya Academy?