Annoying Google Play movies Traditional Chinese subtitles bug

I don’t know if any Formosans would run into this issue, but sometimes I want to watch a movie with my family and they need subtitles. My preferred movie streaming service is Google Play, simply because you don’t need a subscription.

So, this issue probably started about 6 month ago. All of a sudden when you select the Traditional Chinese subtitles for any movie, it would show one line in Traditional Chinese, then switch to Simplified Chinese for no reason.

It is frustrating since there would be no issue with any other subtitles. You can turn on English, Japanese, Korean, and they would all play just fine. The force switch into Simplified Chinese bug only happens when you select Traditional Chinese subtitles.

I tried to find a workable channel to communicate my issue to Google, but there’s just no way to get through to them. Is this like some kind of PRC infiltration of Google?

I didn’t even really know that was a thing. I will perhaps try later and see why happens

Me neither!
The issue now is streaming on my TV, as it’ll be hard for the whole family to watch it on my phone…

When I go to Play Movies, everything is in Japanese and yen?

I have a chromecast, so I stream that way. But if you have a smart tv, which is any TV from the last 5 years, you’d probably find Google Play as an free app on your TV. It’s on my Samsung TV anyway.

Think I got that figured out, but the movie I want is “unavailable”

Sadly we are now in a world where every content provider wants to hoard their own content for their own streaming service as “exclusives”.

It’s like if you would need to sign up for two different cable TV providers to get two different cable TV channels… Something is really wrong with that, and by avoiding competition, the entire industry would suffer.

That’s the thing, mine isn’t.
But I just remembered it had an HDMI port. I can connect through that!

I occasionally use Google Play but not in the last couple of months and never experienced that problem.