Annual Events in Taiwan

I’ve collected this list of annual events, like music festivals etc.

Am I missing anything good?

Dates are approximate and may change from year to year.

Approx Date Event Name Category City Cost URL(s)
Feb Emerge Fest/浮現祭 Rock/Indie Taichung
Feb - early Mar Pingxi Sky Lantern Release Cultural New Taipei City
Feb Rice Straw Art Festival Art Hualien
Feb - early Mar Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival Cultural Tainan
Feb - early Mar Bombing of Master Handdan and Bombing the Dragon Festivals Cultural
Feb - early Mar Taiwan Lantern Festival Cultural
Feb - Jul Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival Arts Kaohsiung
Mar Megaport Festival Indie Rock/Metal Kaohsiung
Mar Taipei Azalea Festival Flower Festival Da’An Park, Taipei Free
Late Mar - early May Treasure Hill Light Festival Art Taipei
Apr Spring Wave/春浪 Rock/Pop Taichung
Apr Taiwan Music Festival/台灣祭 Rock/Pop Kenting Free 台灣祭Taiwan Music Festival | Hengchun
Apr Free Music Festival Music Pingtung Free
April 20, 2024 VOGUE Style Picnic Day Music & more Taipei Free
Mid Apr - late Jun/Jul Penghu International Fireworks Festival Cultural Penghu
Early May Heartown Music Festival Metal Taichung
May Tainan MayJam music festival Rock Tainan Free
Jun Taipei Xia-Hai City God Cultural Festival Cultural Taipei
Jun 9 - Oct 22 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival Art New Taipei City Free
July 5-7, 2024 7-ELEVEN Kaohsiung Beer and Music Festival Music
July 13-14, 2024 Wanggong Fishing and Fire Festival Music Wanggong Fishing Port, Fangyuan Township Changhua County Free
Jul 13-14, July 20-21 Yunlin Music Festival / Yunxi Ocean Music Festival Music & more Santiaolun Beach, Sihu Township, Yunlin County Free Redirecting...
July 17 to Aug. 10 Fireworks: July 17, July 24, July 31, Aug 10 Taipei Summer Festival Music & Fireworks Dadaocheng, Taipei Free 2024大稻埕夏日節
Summer (2024: July 19-21) Gongliao Hohaiyan Rock Festival Rock Fulong Beach, New Taipei Free Redirecting... Redirecting...
Summer (2024: July 27&28, Aug 3) Tamsui River Music Festival Rock Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Free Redirecting...
July/Aug Taiwan International Balloon Festival Festival Taitung Free 臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華 Taiwan International Balloon Festival
Aug 1 - Sep 3 Beitou Summer Magic Festival Cultural Taipei , Fiery show - Taipei Times
Aug 12-13, 19-20 River and Ocean Music Festival Music New Taipei City Free
Aug 17 NTCH Summer Jazz Outdoor Party Jazz Taipei Free 國家兩廳院
Aug 19-20 S2O Taiwan Electronic Taipei $100
Aug 19 New Taipei sand art festival Art New Taipei City
Aug 26-27 River and Ocean Music Festival Music New Taipei City Free
Sept - Oct Taipei Jazz Music Festival Jazz Taipei
Sept Daniel Pearl World Music Day World Music Taipei
Oct Artaipei Art Taipei
Oct (TBC) Roving Nation/漂遊者森林音樂祭 Rock/Indie/Metal
Oct 10 National Day of Taiwan National Taipei
Oct 10-22 2023 Taichung Jazz Festival Jazz Taichung
Oct 14-15 World Music Festival World Music Taipei $12 World Music Festival @ Taiwan’s 2023 - WMF@Taiwan
Oct/Nov (every 3 years, next in 2024) Wang Yeh Boat Burning Festival Cultural
Nov/Dec Taichung flower carpet festival Art Taichung

I need to look into some of those music events. The jazz and rock festivals look very interesting.


Slow food festival I like to go to and try different foods.

Hot air balloon festival is starting now. It’s a huge government expense and pretty popular haha.

I’m very interested in this. Here’s some basic information for the event.

Ah good one, will add that and some others later

I went last year, it was good

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hmm, it won’t let me edit the original post. Any way to enable that?

I can make it a Wiki post, which will let anyone edit it.

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That is not basic information

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Works for me

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Oh dang, so much earlier than last year. Sept last year, which seems like a much better time to me

Going to be way too hot.

October 27-30:

Gay Parade Taipei

November 11: Singles Day

Pride Parade :rainbow_flag: thank you ya mad gayer.


I added the balloon festival, and the flower festival they do in Da’An Park

| Jul 17 - Aug 10 | Taipei Summer Festival | Cultural | Dadaocheng, Taipei | Free | 2024大稻埕夏日節

Added a few new ones, like

Tamsui River Music Festival
Taipei Summer Festival
Yunlin Music Festival / Yunxi Ocean Music Festival

these are within the next week