Anonymous Pup Needs Some Loving!

Hi Guys!

A little darling female puppy followed me home on Sunday night. She desparately needs to be fostered or adopted. I have a large male dog and I can’t quarantine her for 10 days as I should, so she is currently staying at a friend’s place, however she is too noisy and they are rarely at home due to busy work schedules. Basically they can’t keep her after tonight. I have bought a cage and if it comes to it, I’ll have to find somewhere to put her in my small apartment. Obviously this is not ideal.

I think she is about 8 weeks old, looks like a fox terrier mix (all white with brown patch over eye, other eye is pinky/ albino and has speckled ears, short haired, recently docked tail) and has a great temperament and very smart. So far she seems healthy, she got a good bath today and her ears cleaned out so she’s looking great.

Please please please email me on for more information and photos (I can’t post the pics on here for some reason). She needs someone to love her! Would be great for a family with kids. Trust me, if I was staying in Taiwan beyond Sept, she would be staying with me.

Thanks guys.

I wonder if she recently had her tail cut off, maybe the person who did that to her would want her back… Have you considered posting Dog Found posters with a Chinese speaking friend as a contact around the neighborhood where you found her?

To post photos here, you need to first post them on an external website, such as flickr.

Good luck!

Dear Kage
Thanks for the suggestion. I am making posters as I write this! It would be great if she did belong to someone.
The reason I think she is a stray is that she had no collar, was really dirty, her ears were filthy and full of ticks and ravenous. But it is possible she ran away.
Thanks for the tip re: photos.

URGENT bump!

Hi guys

Still looking for a foster or someone to adopt Little River. We’re really desparate because the current foster can’t care for her any more. I’m leaving Taiwan in Sept and really can’t look after her right now as I already have a foster dog living in my small apartment.

Little River has been immunised for rabies, is 3.5 months old and will get her 8 in 1 soon. She has a microchip in too now. I guarantee she will make an amazing lifelong companion… she is just too gorgeous.

Please spread the word

Thanks guys!!!