Another bug

“View the last 24 hours” doesn’t work on any of the forums … just brings up a search form.

At 6’ in the morning, alot a things don’t work. Its 9:30 and I can’t even find that “view the last 24 hours” you’re talking about.

The view 24 hours isn’t visible the forums homepage, but it’s visible at the “root” of each individual forum … for example, the open forum page that lists the current topics …

monkey: I found the 24 hour link and made a slight change to it. It gives the posts of the last 24 hours, but not for the last 24 hours WITHIN that particular forum. So I guess this isn’t a complete fix – although it’s a bit better than just getting the search form.

Iin all honesty, I didn’t even notice it was there! Should I just remove it if I can’t get it working the way it should? Thanks for the look out.

jeepers: please be a little more specific about the things that aren’t working. it would help. Unfortanately for me, I view this forum primarily through one type of browser (IE6) – altho I make the changes from several locations. Knowing what browser you are using and if you aren’t using windows also help.

Ok, found it and used it, and it works just fine. Guess they fixed it then.

Gus, nothing about this forum, all’s working fine with mozilla 1.2b, NS7 and Opera. I was kidding about things in general not always working the way they’re supposed to in the morning.

:slight_smile: I won’t forget the smiley next time. :laughing: