Another example of why the Right is wrong

check out this lovely piece. the scariest thing about it is it doesn’t surprise me.

the citizenry has allowed the administration to open the barn door, and now every religious animal is running freely. notice how the folks surrounding him don’t seem to care about the claims of the ex-wife…that is some serious kool-aid they are dispensing in the oval office.

somehow i don’t think jesus appreciates this guys version of morality.

uhh…yeah…I blame 2x elected US President George W. Bush…unh hunh…yeah…its Bushs’ fault…unh hunh…too much freedom…/wisecracks.

Dr. Hager obviously has some ‘issues.’ It also appears that his performance and ideology is under scrutiny. It looks, upon reading this article that he has based his opinions on scientific evidence, not on his outspoken religious convictions.

Should he be removed without review? Should he be convicted without trial?

What are you advocating?

Look at Jocelyn Elders – tossed from being Surgeon General for advocating that teens do unto themselves what they shouldn’t be doing to each other. And she wasn’t forcefully sodomizing anybody as far as we know…

[quote]…he has established himself as a leading conservative Christian voice on women’s health and sexuality.

You … guys beyond the big lake are … really serious about such things, aren’t you?

BobSuprised :astonished: