Another military helicopter crash in Taiwan

Not good

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My Dad was right , basically helicopters don’t fly


Casualties are part and parcel of military training exercises.

There is no country on the planet that doesn’t factor in the probability of death and injuries as part of its military drills.

Here are some stats from the UK, as an example:

The Hanguang exercise currently undergoing are nationwide, all-force military drills involving the majority of military personnel and a lot of equipment, so yes, like every year, there will be the odd tank that falls off a bridge, etc.


But it seems like it’s always helicopter crashes in Taiwan.

It might seem that way to you, but it seems to me, off the top of my head, that Taiwan has seen a fatal F-16 crash, a fatal Mirage crash, a couple of tanks rolling over after falling off bridges, and various other incidents in the last few years alone.

And a few helicopter crashes.

Same as any other country, and nothing special about Taiwan in this regard.


Helicopters are inherently more prone to instant massive failure


but it looks like technical failure is the major cause of incidents in taiwan. and incidents happen in taiwan on quite a regular basis.

it’s not like bad weather, difficult topography or other external factors played a part.
so either ground maintenance is not doing their job properly or pilots are not that well-trained in taiwan.

Catch 22. Training is to become well trained but training itself can lead to accidents and or equipment failures

One of my best buds was a crew chief on a marine helicopter and flew on missions abroad as well as here in California

He said there was always something leaking or wrong with those machines and he was in a near crash at base In Oakland. But they managed to auto rotate down

He said your chances are really not good if something major comes apart in the thing

that sounds like bad maintenance.

that’s why i’ve decided to never put one foot into those machines.

Funnily enough, as per above tanks off bridges comment, I have seen tanks fall off the road ijnto ditches. Twice. Both in pingtung.

Things happen, but gotta wonder when it is so often and not always a complicated situation like flying.

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I never saw anyone using that before. Must be Twitter speak.


Helicopters need rigorous maintenance and Taiwan is not really known for that.

I know the release says that they avoided houses on the way down but the video appears that they simply fell from the sky.

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That’s what helicopters do mostly, unless they had a sufficient ground speed. I always thought that a helicopter when crashing could go in auto-rotation when unlocked.

Yeah, unless the rotor fails.

A successful landing depends on the helicopter’s height and velocity at the commencement of autorotation.

The article says they had to avoid crash landing in populated area. Because of it they probably lost too much speed and height for a successful autorotation landing.

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Reminded me of Kobe Bryant tragedy earlier this year. RIP