Another question?

If I check off tourist on my visa application and they see that my ticket is a one year open ticket, I will surely be questioned. The friendly gal at the Taiwanese embassy suggested I write a letter explaining why my ticket is an open ended ticket. Should I explain that I am going to be looking for work?? Mentioning of course that I have had lots of offers via internet but would prefer to check the school out before signing anything. Or the other option of course is to just say I will be using Taiwan as my base and plan on travelling S.E Asia for a year. What should I do???..I really don’t want to get rejected considering I bought my ticket assuming I would get stamped upon entering the country.


wait, didn’t we asnwered this question already!!! I remember replying to it… :unamused:

Yes, and so did I. In fact, I gave two detailed replies in the subject: “Visas”, directly below this subject.