Another Republican hypocrite exposed

When you belong to a party that espouses perfect sexual virtue as the only legitimate course in life, you’d think it would behoove you not to father a love child.

staten island’s own! been a rough week for vito.

I understand this guy’s a “family values” Republican. I guess this includes having multiple families.

all the more values to have!

Are you sure you want to bring up the words hypocrisy, sex scandal, and New York in the same sentence and then point fingers at the Republicans? :laughing: At least this guy wasn’t as much of a degenerate as Spitzer (who seemed to enjoy wearing nothing but tube socks, demanding sex without a condom, and frequenting hookers after pushing through tough anti-John legislation).

Although, to Spitzer’s credit, he was honest enough to fess up, and committed enough to his ideals to resign promptly.

Hypocricy: When you fuck an individual and are held accountable, but when you fuck your country you are exempt.