Another side of Kojen

My bf told me there are some posts about Kojen here are pretty negative ~ so i came over here and took some more looks ~ and right after I viewed some posts here about some dark sides of kojen. one of my coworkers just told me another tiny part of this “iceberg”~ He told me that when he just got it here, kojen asked him to work before he got his ARC, which means he had to work illegally~ since he was working illegally, then there wasn’t any reason for 'any departments of government" to tax him at that moment right? but still he had to be “taxed” by…KOJEN for about 20 percent of his total income. ah…he told me there were more than what he told me related to other teachers there… maybe…one day u guys will figure that out by yourself~

All of the negative kojen bs is related to one particular branch, not kojen in general. Which one are you referring to?

it’s…somewhere close to where u used to watch baseball and where you can fly to other corners of Taiwan…

Starting work while an ARC is being applied for is standard practice all over Taiwan. And as far as being taxed goes, that’s standard practice also. Anyway, if he arrived in Taiwan beofre July 1st, he’s going to get a significant chunk of the money back in the form of a tax refund. If he arrived in Taiwan after July 1st, he’s going to have to suck it up. That’s Taiwan tax law, not Kejian’s fault.

thankee~ :smiley: will tell him about this~

If your bf keeps his payslips, he should add up the totals at the end of the tax year, and check them against the tax slips the company gives him for filing. He should find (I did, anyway), that the money earned before receiving the ARC is included, even though the dates shown on the tax slip will be from the time your bf received the arc.

Don’t worry about this. Yes, he was working illegally: all the teachers who start at Kojen are working illegally at first. However, Kojen is not cheating the teachers by taking taxes out of their pay. The accountant does some creative fiddling, and the amount you are paid and taxed will be reported correctly to the government. It’s just the date you started working that will be incorrect.

thanks guys~ i will inform my coworker about this and…i sure did learn some !