Anti-virus recommendations?

I need to get some anti-virus software for an English-language Win2K computer. I have a router, so I don’t need an additional firewall. I’d prefer an English interface, so perhaps I’ll need to download this rather than buy it in a local store.

Recommendations – or warnings?

Norton Antivirus is your best bet. Other antivirus software (Trend, McAffee, etc) tend to perform poorly and miss viruses. I’ve seem more than my fair share of computers running fully updated non-Norton antivirus programs that have tons of viruses sitting around.

NAV 2003 PC Magazine Editors Award:,4149,978491,00.asp

I use this one and so far it has detected quite few viruses but no harm was done, ever: … ce978#FREE

[quote=“Rascal”]I use this one and so far it has detected quite few viruses but no harm was done, ever: … ce978#FREE[/quote]

I’d be more concerned about the damage from viruses it didn’t detect…
Not so favorable review: … eview.html

In the arena of antivirus, you truly “get what you pay for”.

Personally I have been using Norton Antivirus. However, I have also heard wonderful things (as well as not so wonderful) about PCillin.

While I do not represent that company I think I need to clarify a few points:

Cons - AVG Antivirus:

  • Comes only with a basic (automated) interface without the possibility to adjust any settings
    There is a control center SW included to adjust settings
    Shit, they even show a screenshot of the same and make such a claim :unamused:

  • Doesn’t check for double infected files
    Don’t know about that …

  • Some users have had freezes and other major stability issues on Windows 2000 and XP
    No probs here (XP)

  • Slows down your computer considerably
    Only noticable when it scans

  • Inserts ads in your email messages.
    BS - it’s a certification (inluding www link) and can be switched on/off (scanning is still done, even certification is off)

  • You need to use DOS commands for some advanced operations.
    Not that I know off (see control center)

  • Log file displays limited info

  • You can’t see anything in systray, so you don’t know if it’s running or not

Major flaws - AVG Antivirus:

  • Terrible virus detection rate
    Seems to work for me

  • Doesn’t update their virus definition files very often (monthly intervals, should be twice a week)
    BS - I have set it to check for updates every day

  • Deletes infected files without warning. This is especially bad if the file didn’t contain a virus after all (a false positive).
    BS - it can also heal

  • Very low on scripts, backdoors and trojans.

Doesn’t look like a review I would trust …

I have used AVG for quite a while.

Updates are frequent. Often more than once a week.

However, I believe prevention is still the best option!

So, avoid attachments most of the time. If you have an attachment, use Yahoo! mail for scanning AND viewing. Then you can copy and paste the text into a new file.

Turn off the preview function in email programs, just in case.

Back up frequently, esp. partition back ups. These are the easiest to restore. I had a problem with my old set up. It took me 15 minutes to delete and copy the back up partition to restore windows.

BTW. PCPlus magazine was much more upbeat about it…
Best value - Grisoft AVG 6.0 Free Edition
Price : Free for personal use; single user commercial licenses $40 (

Used to use House call from the PCCillin site. I finally broke down and bought Norton 2003. You can find English versions in Taiwan. I have Chinese Windows 98.

When I installed Norton, it found several viruses that the house call missed. I have had problems with my computer freezing up when it starts. I had to fiddle with the startup menu. When it works, I don’t notice it too much.

If I had known about AVG, I would have tried it first.

This is a long post, but may help some.

My Windows XP computer was recently infected with the W32/Pate virus (also known as Parite) and I have had to use a number of different virus scanners to successfully remove it. I thought I would post this here as it may give an indication of which virus scanners are better.

Firstly, despite being listed as a low risk virus, W32/Pate is extremely difficult to remove. It infects .exe and .scr files and spreads rapidly. A further problem is the virus infects the Windows explorer (desktop) software, so this must be disabled to remove the virus completely.

OK, which virus scanner can remove it?

I subscribe to Mcafee Virus Scan online and this did detect the virus (though not initially). However it cannot remove the virus because the virus infects Mcafee

If you don’t have your virus patterns up-to-date, any antivirus is pretty much useless because smarter viruses will disable them, lulling you into a false sense of security. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “Low risk” because Symantec rates it as a Medium distribution and Moderate Removal. Meaning that it’s going to take some effort to remove.

I use Norton Antivirus (now called Symantec Antivirus) because my school chose to buy the licenses for all student, staff and faculty(40,000+ people). I’m figuring that they aren’t going to make a huge software purchase lightly and have perfectly good reasons for choosing it. In fact, they switched from McAfee three years ago.

Symantec has pretty clear instructions on how to remove the virus you mentioned.

This is very true. If you put a strong lock on your door but leave your windows open, you’re still going to get bugularized. If you have an antivirus and don’t keep it updated and don’t use safe computing practices, you’re going to get infected. Simple as that.

I’ve had no substantial or visible problems using AVG. THe only time my computer got a major virus was from the stupid school that I went to a few years ago. W32_variant I think. started off from the Word.doc files.

Sensible advice, if somewhat obvious. Of course I have always updated my virus signature files, and Mcafee does this automatically anyway. Furthermore I use a firewall, so I’ve followed good practice. According to the grapevine, Norton’s removal instructions for this virus may not work, e.g. … /5218.html

I also checked their site, and it is far from easy as it involves multiple steps including editing registry values. The successful package I mentioned, F-prot, required no more than one click to remove the virus, and that is why I think it is superior.

I have used NAV with Zone Alarm Pro for years and have never been bothered by viruses or hackers. NAV has caught a few viruses. It just works away in the background - updates itself and I don’t have to bother with it.

Of course, prevention is much better than cure when it comes to virus and spyware.

Since most viruses currently enter computers via attachments, you have a number of choices.

  1. don’t open it.
  2. ask for files to be submitted in simpler formats, like txt (any viruses there?)
  3. use Yahoo! or Hotmail for initial scanning of files/attachments.
  4. use Yahoo! attachment preview function, saves opening files on your own pc, a very nice feature indeed of Yahoo!
  5. turn off the preview function in outlook express, as a safety precaution, to prevent accidentally opening an email!

In Taiwan, too many people forward stupid attachments that have no real point. They then forward them to too many people. Clogs up the pipes, often carries viruses, and blocks up people’s email boxes for no good reason. Avoid them all, if you can!


Anyone else had problems accessing their website recently?


For one of my technical writing projects I had to compare 5 top AV programs (including Trend, Norton, McAffee) in depth. I have to admit that after in depth study of the software, I was totally convinced of Trend’s superiority over the others. Trend is not very popular in the “West”, but in Asia they are #1. Their technology blows the others out of the water. Their specialty is actually server-side AV apps and are top notch. PC-Cillin is based on the same technology.

Having said that, I confess than I used Norton for years before I tried Trend and was never bothered by viruses either. But after seing the “guts” of Trend’s technology, I can honestly say it’s much more impressive than any of the others I compared.

Just my 2 bits’ worth.

So where can I buy an English copy of Micro Trend AntiVirus ? I have enough problems finding a English copy of Norton, but you do come across them sometimes, so thats the one I use, it’s the only one available. In otherwords, how can I buy your software and give you money if you don’t make it available you stupid twats ?

[quote=“stodgy”]I worked as a Technical Writer at Trend Micro in Taipei for a year. I have to admit that after in depth study of their software, I was totally convinced of Trend’s superiority over any other AV software I’v used before. Trend is not very popular in the “West”, but in Asia they are #1. And their technology blows all others out of the water. Having said that, I confess than I used Norton for years before I tried Trend and was never bothered by viruses either. But after seing the “guts” of Tend’s technology, I can honestly say it’s much more impressive than any other leading AV software, including Norton and McAfee.

Just my 2 bits’ worth.[/quote]

Would you recommend working for Trend? It seems they frequently have openings. Where is their office located?

Seems to be ok. Installed AVG on my parent’s laptop a month back and just tried it, no problems, as well automatic updates function and last week AVG detected a virus in an incoming email.

You can buy an English version here.

You can choose your delivery method. Just choose to download it if you want to avoid shipping charges. Right now it's selling for about $10 less than normal.