Ants conquering my bathroom

My bathroom has so many ants. I go to this tiny bathroom and find 10 ants and kill them. Then later I go there I find another 10 or more ants. It goes on.

Then I bought this 職人級專用防治螞蟻藥30克大容量附贈10只誤食盒 but it doesn’t seem to work. I placed 5 of these little round-shaped things in the bathroom, but ants are still there.

I remember maybe 15 years ago when I wasn’t living in Taiwan, I somehow found a tiny hole where the ants were coming in and out, so I put the narrow and long thing attached to the bottle of bug killing liquid, then the next day a large number of ants were found dead around the hole. But this time, I can’t even find such a hole. How can I find such a hole?

I don’t cook at all. I don’t have any food in my room. Why are they appearing here?

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Try boric acid and see if that helps.


Follow the ants. Maybe leave some food so they form a solid line?

I used this stuff the last time I had an infestation. Ants came from the city over and formed a Costco free samples line from entry point to delicious poison.


Search where they come from, put cinnamon. You can not kill ants on the spot, if using poison they need to carry it to the nest to kill off the queen.

Follow them and track where they are going / coming from. Rub vinegar using a sponge along their path and block where they come in using a bunch of vinegar and re-apply regularly. Also, make sure they have no reason to come inside (remove food, or other organic matter).

They are not termites right? Termites love moisture and wood.

Put some of this down.
They’ll come and scoff it up. Plus they’ll bring all their mates. A couple of days later they’ll be dead.
Or Follow the trail and finish them off.


Probably you are diabetics?

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They are either searching for food (carbs or protein, sometimes searching for.medicine or crops to grow), otherwise they are moving a nest. regardless, boric acid (looks like salt) is your answer. mix the salt like Crystals (bought cheaply from the pharmacy without loads of polluting packing and huge markups) into some sugar and water to make a paste and put into a bottle cap or something in their trail. gone in a week, at the source (queen).

cheaper, cleaner, safer and avoid excessive garbage waste :slight_smile:

they bring it back themselves and they die in the nest. you dont need to search for holes, destroy your wall/floor and waste time. 5 mins. every advantage compared to other options. If it isnt working, use a protein trap. basically they are ravaging 2 main food sources: sugars and proteins. I make both at once and they are gone in days. actually gone, not just relocating.


The most annoying ones are the pharaoh ants, tiny and they are everywhere.

‘The pharaoh ant is a small yellow or light brown, almost transparent ant notorious for being a major indoor nuisance pest, especially in hospitals. A cryptogenic species, it has now been introduced to virtually every area of the world, including Europe, the Americas, Australasia and Southeast Asia …’