Anxiety and Depression

How’s looking at colleges going?

I guess that’s kinda related.

Both are unknown. But impending work and impending catastrophe are pretty far apart in my world. YMMV

Turns out I can’t even do it.

I can avoid testing by applying as a transfer student, but for one thing it’s uncertain they will even accept overseas coursework as transfer, and also there is 1 spot for like 1000 applications. Fat chance I’ll get in that way.

Otherwise MOE rule says I must get in like any other Taiwanese, that means tests.

Or I can get into a private university where the tuition is unaffordable.

Finally it’s far from certain that the degree will be useful for me as the Taiwan job market will not let someone my age get an entry level job or internship. If I gotten a degree in Taiwan, it will be for self fulfillment, nothing more.

I also have no way to afford tuition.

Forgive me if it has already been suggested, but have you thought about starting a GoFundMe account?

Go Fund Me is not available in Taiwan. All the crowdfunding options available in Taiwan are business orientated like Kickstarters, Indigogo, etc.

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Life is like this. A few get handed yachts with captains to navigate them. The rest of us need to figure it out. Put nose to the grind stone and eat dog food for a living.

It is apparent that you have a talent for wood work, and guitar building seems to be an advanced wood working skill. Use your skills. Make connections.

You have talent. Make it work.


Woodworking is a bit like art now. It simply does not pay the bill unless you’re like a “modern artist” where a banana sells for 200,000 dollars. Nobody pays for woodworking unless it’s low quality handyman stuff that anyone can do.

Machining is where the money is at, it’s still not great compared to say electrical engineering or semiconductor, but it’s much more demanded than woodworking.

Do you live in Taiwan? Are there guitar manufacturers there you can hook up with?
May require relocation to do so.

Define your goal and grab it. Matter of time and effort.

There are no guitar manufacturers in Taiwan. There are guitar companies but all manufacturing occurs in China. I’m not quite sure why.

@Satellite_TV knows some guys who may help me market/sell guitars, but last I heard is they are recording, and will come to me whenever their work is done, but no definite date.

Like I said. May relocate. Martin makes guitars where the air is fresh and clear.

I wish I was narcissist like 90% of people. Instead I’m crying because people always make up shit about me. I know it’s normal but it hurts me so much. I don’t have it in me to just ignore it. It really hurts that it was my “friend” too. I guess I’ll stick to only trusting like two people on here.

It will have to be an EU guitar maker then, because I cannot go to the US for any reason. Also while I was in the US on a green card I did apply with various guitar makers, and none have replied. It would be a long term consideration.

Actually sometimes I wish I was a sociopath. Because Sociopaths do not care how others feel, and therefore are free to express whatever emotion or feelings that is necessary to achieve their goals. They are extremely charming at times and can reach high places as a result. This is also why I fail badly at the eye contact video.


Transfer credits were unlikely to ever happen, as they’re super old.

Everything else where you say “can’t even do it” is more accurately “not gonna try.”


No, it’s more like, what benefit would a Taiwanese degree have for me, considering I already have a BS from University of Phoenix (not a good school but accredited nevertheless, and verifiable on the international degree clearinghouse), that TECO also recognizes. I would need to study in a cram school for several years, just so I can take the test with a chance of passing (without the cram schooling I would have no chance). That costs money, which I don’t have.

With further thinking attending a university in Taiwan is a very high risk, low to no (or questionable) reward venture. It costs massive amount of money and time from me, but it would yield no measurable benefit for me. I could apply for grad schools, but it would be the same, high risk, low reward. I only wanted to attend a university because I have been living in the past, desiring the glory days of UT Austin to return.

What I really need is to diversify. What other jobs could I take? They do not have to be high demand but with a large number of jobs in different industries it could work, but again, each specialty I take up will have risks and I need to move carefully, take calculated, not stupid risks.

If I ever get a chance to return to the US, I will stay the hell away from Austin, and forget college altogether.


You might be surprised what people would pay for stuff that “anyone” can do. Stupid simple plant stands that cost $35 in wood get sold for $100+ everyday here on facebook. But there’s some associated stuff with your business that seem like would be potential add-ons, such as guitar stands or display racks.

Those are all potentially valid reasons to not try. But you keep saying can’t when you mean don’t want to / won’t / not gonna.

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The amount of doors a taiwanese degree opens need to be consumerate with the risk, cost, and time that I must take in order to get it. Right now it looks like all I will get is a degree and nothing more, in my opinion it’s not worth the time and there’s a lot of other stuff I could do.

If it’s not opening a massive flood gate of job opportunities then I’m not going to do it.

Lots of modern artists get paid half a million dollars to shoot paintball at a white wall and call it art. But lots of extraordinary talented artists aren’t even making enough to make ends meet. Woodworking is looking like that.

Do you time block your daily schedule and have a dynamic task list you can put things into priority levels?

I’ve found doing this not only made me more productive but also less stressed. Especially when there’s a lot going on at work sometimes.


I’m very organized with my work. I would say a little too organized! I need to relax a bit, actually. It’s just anxiety. Worrying about shit that I shouldn’t be worrying about. Worrying about things I have no control over. Worrying about my financial future (which isn’t even that bad). I should know better. I do know better and I’m trying my best to re-learn being relaxed.

Thanks for asking and for your advice.


Because it gives you less uncertainty and more control. And a feeling of that. Plus it does help to move things forward and see your progress.

I’ve done it, but things didn’t get better in terms of ultimate goals xD