Any ADD/ADHD treatment in Taiwan?

Hi, everyone,

One of our kids has a mild case of ADHD.
Does anyone in the forum have any experience with ADHD treatment in Taiwan?

So far, we have found the book “Taking charge of ADHD” (written by Russell Barkley) rather helpful.

  1. Does anyone recommend any other books about ADHD? provides some excellent information (in Chinese) about evaluations, cognitive behavior counseling and hospital treatments.
Our kid is currently attending some occupational therapy classes and probably will attend some psychological counseling next year to learn some coping skills; getting to know how to deal with some of his inadequate, disturbing behavior patterns.
2. Does anybody have any experience participating in parent/children support groups dealing with ADHD in Taiwan?

We currently prefer not to use any Ritalin, Adderrall or other medicine, since our kid is still in kindergarten.
We do however, consider to use some concentration improving foods or food additives (f.i. soy with lecithine inside, omega 3 fats, zinc, iron, …)
3. Does anybody recommend any changes in diet or food patterns or know any nutritionist, who has experience dealing with ADHD? (Elimination diet, not too much sugar and salycates, more natural products, prevent the intake of food additives, …)

Any feedback would be most appreciated.