Any cool Chinese/Taiwanese bangers from the 2000s or 2010s that I can bop to?

I’ve been listening to “Mei Fei Se Wu” by Sammi Cheng and 踏浪 by Yuki Hsu on repeat because I couldn’t really find any other cool Chinese/Taiwanese bangers. Most of them are ballads. No hate against ballads, they’re just not what I’m looking for. I want something from 10-20 years ago with a catchy beat.
And I’m not looking for the latest hits because I’m not a fan of the way music sounds today. Music was much better 10-20 years ago, IMHO.
Does anyone have any dancey, cool Chinese/Taiwanese hits from then or ones with a eurobeat sound to it?

Maybe not at all what you’re looking for, but a couple of artists I like are Soler (Hong Kong duo active during early 2000s) and Chinese singer Isabelle Huang (黄龄). Although they both have a good amount of ballads they also have some faster/more upbeat songs. Not so sure about eurobeat. Soler sing in a number of languages, and I actually like their Cantonese stuff better, but they have Mandarin as well.

"直覺" [MV] - Soler - YouTube (Mandarin)
"生死陣" [MV] - Soler - YouTube (Cantonese)
Soler 風的季節 MV - YouTube (Cantonese)

Isabelle Huang:


红眼睛 Red Weeping Eyes (This one is just weird and I love it; you feel like you’re going a bit insane listening to it)

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Let’s see. Sammi had many cool dance hits.

Andy is a personal favorite

And there are always cool Taiwan unusual songs…or the hits by the top: Mayday, WuBai, Amei.

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I noticed some of those songs were a bit “rockish” and I’m all for some Mando/Canto rock but I prefer a specific sound & style to it. A bit heavier but not too heavy. Think bands like Evanescence, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin but Chinese

I agree with Icon, Amei and Mayday are a very good place to start.
There is also ShinYueTuan (信樂團)

YangNaiWen (楊乃文) Her second album is the best in my opinion.

NanRenGe (男人各)

To be more specific, I meant one I can get up and dance to.
(Though Xue Hua Piao Piao was probably an exception cuz I heard pf it from a meme and now it’s on my Spotify playlist. :slight_smile: )
I’m, like, suuuuppper picky and specific


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劉德華 沒有你的城市

(順便說一句,我實際上不懂普通話。我是通過Google翻譯輸入的。為什麼?因為我想要。就這樣 :slight_smile:

thanks guys! My office mates appreciate this selection. Nice for a change…

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Um…what about it?

I thought you might like her songs. She was quite popular in the early 2000’s.

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Oh that’s the song you showed me!

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Fir is good

This one I like a lotta

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Icon, I feel like we have near identical Taiwanese playlists. Another favorite

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