Any cool ORGANIC FARMS I could visit?

So my brother will come over from France in January. He operates an organic farm near Toulouse and would like to check out how organic farming is done in Taiwan.

We’ll probably go down to Hualien for a day or two. Does anyone know a good farm to visit, preferably with young and friendly folks who are willing to share a bit about their farming experience? Yilan and Hualien (not too far south) and greater Taipei area would be best.

The French Canadian guy who has a farm at Sanzhi (?), is he still around, and if yes where is his farm located?

My brother would also like to check out a small organic tofu production (not any of the big tourist places).

Thanks for any tips!

If you read Chinese, you will find some info here.

有機農業全球資訊網 Taiwan Organic Information Portal

有機經營業者整合資訊系統 Catalog of organic vendors in Taiwan
You can search farms, operators, restaurants, and merchants.

Thanks. I know that I can search for it. Thought that someone maybe know a farmer personally or have visited farms that are worth recommending.

Thinking of visiting these guys:

If you want to know the ‘organic’ farms

type ‘台灣有機農場’ on

One of the results will be WWOOF
for 800 NT, you get a list 110 organic farms in TW

Obviously not on your path… but here is one to visit… East of Taichung
小瓢蟲有機農場 ladybug organic farm on FB

There’s a small permaculture centre just south of Hualien city, small cafe open at weekends.
There’s also a place in Chishang that specialises (small scale) in douhwa, doujaing, doupi etc.

Can get you info.

Do you have a name for the centre? That would be good cause we’d like to visit a tofu maker in Shoufeng.

Looks nice. Yeah, probably not going to Taichung this time.

This is the ‘pu-men’ centre in Shoufeng. 花蓮樸門永續鄉村學校.

The tofu-center is way down the valley in Chishang, Taidong County.

Great, thanks, we’ll check that out.