Any experience with a Ding Ju Zheng? Not a Ju Liu Zheng. And why rules say can't leave for 2 weeks?

Hi Friends, a very esoteric question. There’s something called a Ding Ju Zheng which is different from a Ju Liu Zheng, and I’m told you can’t leave for 2 weeks once you apply for it. Why is it that you can’t leave, is it just because the entry permit is cancelled? If you have two passports, couldn’t you just use your visa-free passport if the permit gets cancelled?


you need to leave on the pasdport which you entered on. when you establish your hhr, the entry record on the passport you used as a non roc national with hhr is kind of canceled, so you cannot use the passport to leave. you need to get a passport for roc national with hhr and should leave on it.

i thought you got your hhr as a mainlander, but you were born in taiwan from roc national mother?

It’s just a temporary piece of paper that serves as proof of residency issued to you between the time you have your TARC confiscated and ID issued.

You can’t exit the country after receiving it because your TARC and NWOHR passport is voided, and you can’t apply for a new passport until you receive your new ID.

In any case, you only have 30 days to exchange this piece of paper for your ID so you probably shouldn’t be traveling anyway.

This is what it looks like:

No. You can’t leave Taiwan on your other passport, because you didn’t enter with it. You’ll be stopped at the Immigration desk when they see that there’s no entry stamp.

So on outbound flights, someone actually checks your passport before leaving the terminal? I’m trying to fly from Songshan Airport to Shanghai, and someone at Songshan will stop me from leaving? I’m trying hard on this issue because there is an urgent matter on the Mainland and I’m thinking about travel in between the time the application was submitted and the time they finish reviewing the application. I wonder if they cancel the entry/exit permit the moment I apply or only after they make a determination?

Lol, so many of the things I ask are for others as well, that’s why so many seemingly different topics at once :).

For the entry/exit permit, so someone from the airport will scan both my ROC and my US passports before I leave Taiwan? And then when I re-enter, couldn’t I just line up at the non-citizen line and be fine?

This is the part that I really need some interpreting:
" 申請須知或注意事項


Are they saying that in between the time I apply and get a result, so they take about 14 days to process, I can actually enter and exit with my ROC entry/exit permit in between those 14 days?

Yes, you need to go through the “emigration” desk, which is the reverse of the immigration desk. They check to see if you overstayed, etc. Most countries in the world that I know of do this except the US.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. When you submit your application, they will give you your 定居證 right away and confiscate your TARC on the spot. There is no “review period”. If you want, you can even go and get your ID that same day, and start your passport application.

But if you’re in such a hurry to travel, then why don’t you just wait until you return to submit your application? What’s the advantage of getting your 定居證 now instead of after you return?


i don’t see any 14 days processing periond. I thought you, op, means 10 working days for nwhr passport after your entry record on nwohr or foreign passport is canceled when you establish your hhr. i guess when you get your 定居證, the document showing your immigration status is still connected to the passport you used to enter, so you can leave on the passport.

you can ask to nia, they will open soon.

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