Any experience with a private hot air balloon ride in Taiwan?

Looking to book a hot air balloon trip this year with my SO. Anyone have any good recommendations/experience? All I can find is this so far in Taitung:

Ideally want a private balloon ride experience, or as small of a group as possible.

Any insight appreciated, thanks!

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I hear Kinmen is doing an event at their now totally failed “Wind Lion Plaza” (right by the airport) on 228. I’m not on any of the socials to be able to look it up, but many of my Kinmen friends have been telling me about it. No idea if people are able to go up in them or it’s just a publicity stunt for the government ppl.

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Wow, can see what appears to be a balloon laying on its side.

They probably inflate them on any potential flight days to just have it ready to go.

30 minute trips.

No. 399, Section 3, Zhonghua Rd, Luye Township

I don’t have any experience with this in Taiwan (I took a great balloon flight in Morocco, though) but it seems that the balloon festival in Taidong is your best bet. Untethered flights are 9,000NTD for 30 minutes.

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The rides from Luye to Cisheng are quite beautiful. not sure the price. I asked years ago and it was 6000 each, dont remember the minimum required people.

We have seen enough fallen balloons there to not personally want to go though. If you do, plan a non windy time of year. Taidong is very windy in winter.

I would personally suggest a time when the rice fields are planted. if you went now there would be a view of scattered green and many brown rectangles :slight_smile: in a month or 2 it will all be green. Shame, last month would have had nice yellows with all cover crops they grew this year.

But ya, windy. I would be frightened honestly.

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About 20 years ago I did what should have bean 3 hours ended up being 4.5 hours, as it was a nice day and the pilot was having fun.
Along the Li Jang Guangxi China there was 4 of us in total and it was an amazing trip. We went up high for the view then spent the rest of the time weaving in and around the mountains and the river, at one point the pilot brought us along side an orange tree at the top of one of the mountains and let us pick a few oranges. They tasted bad but the experience will never be forgotten.


Sounds magical

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At the time it was, just googled the place and it looks like its become a YouTubers paradise.

yangshuo guangxi

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