Any explanations?

Unrelated, but Taiwan is one of the few asian countries (plz dont) to get live Snooker coverage of all the major ranking events. It’s on Sportcast (Channel 208 on MOD).

It was a pleasant surprise when I moved here. No need to VPN and BBC anymore


Judd was 5-1 behind in a best of 11 semi-final when he played that crazy green. Granted, the frame was secure and it would have been 5-2 even if he didn’t make that shot. But he said later that being able to pull that off gave him a ton of confidence.

He later won the semifinal 6-5 in a miraculous comeback, and destroyed Jack Lisowski in the final with a scoreline of 9-2.

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I’m watching the Hendry White qualifier on youtube. Painful to watch. Check out the third frame around about the 16 minute mark.

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Well Hendry hasn’t played competitive “match-play” snooker for 9 years. White has also not qualified for the WSC in the last 16 years. Add to that, the history between these two guys at the WSC.

What else could you expect?

Quite exceptional to win the third frame without hitting a break over 7. I don’t recall ever seeing that in a professional match.

What else could I expect? Hendry must be hitting decent scores on the practice table or he wouldn’t have attempted a comeback, so I expected it to have been more competitive than this. White looked really nervous. Perhaps the threat of dropping off the tour got to him. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he needs the money.

Hendry & White have probably made a lot in their prime. They’re both paid for being pundits on Eurosport and BBC as well… Money isn’t likely the motivation