🎱 Snooker - Any explanations?

Quick explanation: he’s good.

Long explanation: the ball rotates against the direction it was bouncing to.

Probably on the top of that a bit of luck assisted him.


Kind of a reverse backspin topspin stun thing going on?

I’m not sure what the technical name is but that’s probably the case.

The general consensus seems to be massive amounts of top at speed. I still don’t get how the ball then stuns after hitting the cushion.

I does look like he hits it on the top part, isn’t it?

He certainly does, but how does the ball then stop?

The ball has en extra spinning inertia forwards that compensates the bouncing that happens when it hits the wall or whatever is called.

Basically it’s a ball as confused as a feminist attracted to the alpha male that beats the shit out of her.

EDIT: ooops, let’s wait for some offended female to ask a mod to edit or remove that post or me from here :smiley:

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Hard left bottom. At 25% speed you can see the backspin on it as it comes off the target ball and the cushion.

Recently, the World no 1 Judd Trump hit a significantly harder shot which requires a similar technique. Here is a link to the shot.

And here is a Detailed Analysis of how to play it.

Yes, it is a topspin shot. You basically hit as high as you can on the ball. If timed perfectly, even after the ball bounces back from the cushion, the topspin on the ball makes it want to move back towards the cushion. The combined effect makes the ball stop and it looks like fkin magic.


Or that lol.

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I’ve seen that before, but it doesn’t explain how White gets the ball to stop dead.

I updated the analysis link (posted the wrong one earlier, Judd is just too good)

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Judd’s shot was way harder than White’s shot. The ball was tight on the cushion and there was a lot more distance between the cue ball and object ball. Judd’s shot also brings the white to an absolute halt after traveling almost the full length of the table (!)

I used to be a semi-pro Snooker player in my teen years, and have successfully recreated White’s shot a couple of times in practice. Judd’s shot on the other hand, requires a tremendous amount of cue power, and I won’t even dare to try…

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That Judd shot is even more incredible.

What gets me is they don’t even think about the shot, they just play it.

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I’m close to describing the shot as extremely unique. It’s that good.

Nah he definitely thought about the shot. Judd often plays exhibition shots after he has secured a frame, and this makes him a crowd favorite. A quick YouTube search will lead to hours of crazy shots.

About that shot in particular, Judd said in an interview later on that he didn’t expect himself to play it so perfectly. That’s why both him and his opponent were smiling for a while afterwards. I think this one will be on the highlight reel for generations

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OK, I meant they play the shot really quickly. Straight down and hit. Of course they think about it before addressing the cue ball.

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