Any good 1-on-1 Chinese tutor suggestions that do not teach writing?

Quite new to Taiwan (less than six months) and learning Chinese. I am looking for a private, in-person tutor that focuses on speaking/listening/reading. If and when I do need to write, I can just type it on my phone and copy, so I am currently not wanting to focus on the writing aspect while I acquire a good foundation.

Looking for recommendations for a tutor that fits this criteria and is in Taipei, thank you!

Friend of mine who teaches one on one. I’ve never studied with her but she’s plenty experienced.

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If one had an unlimited budget (through employer), what teacher would you recommend?

Not sure if you’re still looking for a Mandarin teacher.
Most of my students have the same requirement like you.
They want to focus on daily conversation.
I’d love to help you. My classroom is near Shipai station.
If you’re interested, welcome to pm me.

Hello, I’m TMC, welcome to join the Chinese course
Group course/1on1 course

  1. We are 2-6 people in small class
  2. Focus on speaking (50% of course time)