Any good hikes in the JinShan/Keelung area?

Hi, all.

I’m hoping to go for a nice hike with a couple of dogs tomorrow afternoon, somewhere between JinShan and Keelung. Can anyone recommend a good one that’s quite scenic and not too heavy going, maybe two to three hours?

Thank you!

情人湖到外木山 (Lover’s Lake to Wai Mu Shan) or the other way. We like to start at Wai Mu Shan and walk halfway then turn round and walk back to the beach for a swim. (It is pretty crowded right now though, summer vacation.)

I tried to find good directions to the entrance of the hike at Wai Mu Shan but wasn’t too successful. It’s behind maybe the second local restaurant if you are driving from Wai Mu Shan to Keelung. There’s parking at the entrance.