Any Grace Slick psychedelic Chinese pop?

You hooked me up with some nice big band Chinese Devas, I found some nice Jazz singers. Even some classic 70s DoDoDo music.
Now I’d like to find some mind bending psychedelic lyrics preferably sung by a female singer that could sound great in stereo and hopefully form some earworms.
Example of 70s do do do music. I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s not rock and it’s not easy listening. Kind of Tijuana brass style?

I like the way you think.

I’ve actually seen some contemporary artists doing psychedelic music in Taiwan but don’t know any of their names or how to find them.

I wish I could find just one Taiwan friend who is a music expert. All my Taiwan friends only have limited or specific to their interests music knowledge.

Not exactly tijuana brass, but sounds like something from the 70s.