Any info on Hsin Chung?

I’m moving to Hsin Chung in two weeks and I was hoping someone could give me some information about the place. I know it’s about half an hour outside of Taipei, but that’s about it. Any inofrmation at all will be appreciated.

Do you mean Xinzhuang? (Also spelled as Hsinchuang)

Yes I do. Sorry about the mispelling.

What did you do to deserve this horrible fate?

I lived in both Hsinchuang (on Hsin-Tai Rd) and in neighboring Taishan (on Mingchih Rd) back in 1985 -86 and 1995-96. Noisy and dirty.

I expected noisy and dirty. Is there any useful information on the place…restaurants, shopping, entertainment?

There is a night market that starts at the intersection of Hsin-Tai Rd and Chung Cheng Rd and goes behing Hsinchuang High School. There is also a stadium where some of Taiwan’s professional baseball teams play… that’s over on Hsin-Tai Rd.

Fu Jen University is farther up Chung Cheng Rd toward Shulin… the campus is nice enough for walking/biking and they have atheletic fields there.

Can’t tell you much more than that.

Hsinchuang is primarily a factory area. I spend a lot of time there but I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s the proverbial low-rent district. If there are good restaurants there I haven’t found any yet and I’ve been doing business in that area for a couple of years now.

No MRT access to that part of Taipei (county) yet though they’re building a line. It’s essentially across the Da Han River from Taipei proper and the nicer areas to live.

I’d suggest you consider living in Pan Chiao and commuting across either DaHan Bridge or FuJou Bridge to the Hsinchuang area for business/work. FuJou Bridge is especially convenient.

Pan Chiao is a decent area to live, with an MRT line and reasonable housing costs. It also has a train station.

DaHan River has some nice bike paths that run along it that let you get the city feeling out of your system if you like. … /23/199169 … aiwan.html … Hsinchuang

[quote] From “HsinChuang Street” in the rich and populous Ching Dynasty to a newly risen “HsinChuang City” nowadays. HsinChuang used to be a flourishing inland port of Dan Shui River. With its abundance of products, water conservancy and blooming business, HsinChuang became the center of administration of northern Taiwan.

Although HsinChuang has all the way turned out to be a land transportation city, we can see its changes in all respects. For instance, we have historical remains such as Di Cang Nunnery,Wu Sheng Temple and Ci You Palace. We have traditional food manufacturing such as malt sugar, dou fu, and so on.

No matter how prosperous it is, people here retain spiritual civilization and cherish old-fashioned things. … re_eng.htm

[quote]Drilling of WK-1E borehole confirms that the deepest part of the basin is along the Hsinchuang Fault, where continuing subsidence with the highest rate is ongoing. Correlation of the same pyroclastic bed present in both WK-1 and WK-1E wells indicates the accelerated subsidence when approaching the Hsinchuang Fault. The broken fractures and the drastic change of dip angles in the basement rock suggest that the basement of WK-1E is much near the fault zone and was deformed by a drag-fold due to the Hsinchuang Fault. … n&ie=UTF-8 [/quote]

[quote] Kolin City Mall in the Hsinchuang Township is being developed by Taiwan Kolin Co., Ltd, who will operate the mall in conjunction with a Japanese development company. With 50,798.91 square meters of foundation area, the mall will be designed with 3 levels underground and 6 floors above ground. Its 5th story will contain an indoor electronic game center, a cinema and fast food restaurants in an area of 11,440.3 square meters. [/quote]

Just moved back to the beautiful city from Hsinchuang/Sanchong. I still go to Fujen so I’ll be on the bus a lot more, but in 2 years I haven’t found much to praise about Hsinchuang. The food is awful, the traffic is worse, and the only good points would be the aforementioned night market and parks, plus the Fujen campus.

I would give serious consideration to getting a place where you can cook, or at least have a microwave/toaster oven and a BIG refrigerator with a good freezer. Trips to Costco for canned goods make Hsinchuang much more palatable. Of course even this is relative compared to what one can eat and the places one can go in Taipei. (And the city government doesn’t even pay me!!)

Rent is cheap…but I’ll take the bus any day!

Is this a voluntary move??? :shock:

Thanks to everyone for the info.