Any jazz club in either Kaohsiung or Tainan?

Hi, I am looking for some good music don’t know where to find.


Our friends took me to a nice jazz bar Baren Biergelden in Tainan.
It’s not a venue but they serve drinks and it was a cozy little bar. It’s off Chihkan st, and it is tucked in the small ally next to a Japanese restaurant. … 15?sk=wall

pretty cool place. I’ll go visit more often once I move there!

Joe Bar, in Shennong St! It’s easy to find.

Weiyangge (next to Ambassador theatre) has a jazz night once a month now.

There used to be one on Youai St, next to Qingnian Rd, but I think that one shut…

(These are all Tainan, btw)

The JOE BAR has only cocktails, wine, Beer & Non-alcoholic beverages.
You can try the great cocktails, and listen to the live music.

Openning Hours: Tuesday-to-Sunday 08:00 PM - 03:00 AM
ADD: No.96, Shennong St., West Central Dist. Tainan, Taiwan 70059
TEL: 06-2201306

There used New Orleans like café, but I can not find if it’s in Kaoshiung? Anyone try one recently? A quick search and I could not find it?

Marsalis Bar馬沙里斯爵士酒館 in Kaoshiung has live Jazz sometimes, there sometimes is an extra cover charge though