Any kindergarten recommendation near NTU?

I will be starting NTU in the fall. I wish to put my daughter in a Mandarin language program as we will be in Taiwan long-term.

Does anyone have preschool recommendations? Also, what is the cost for care from approximately 7:30-5:30?


Hi Mindy - i have 2 daughters aged 4 and 5 and am also a student at Taida - not at ICLP but at CLD which is in the same building. There are many Chinese preschools in the area around Taida which is in Daan District. I have an excel sheet with 11 schools (including contact details and prices) that my brother researched for me before i arrived in Taipei last year - you can email me at for it.

In the end i opted to send my daughters to a small preschool in Yonghe (just outside Taipei city but still relatively close (15 min by bus but can take almost 30min during rush hour) to where we live and we live 7 min by bycicle from ICLP/CLD) called Doudou(bean) yuan/Minghui xue xiao (clear wisdom school). It’s a school with a great postive energy and great teachers and my daughters loved it from the first day even though they are the only foreigners there and couldn’t speak much Chinese when they arrived. But it’s special because it’s run by teachers who are also Falundafa practitioners so it may not be everybody’s cup of tea. It’s also very reasonable costing about 300 US a month and that includes all materials, meals and you can drop your kid off at 7.30am and pick up at 6.30pm (class hours are 9-5.30).

Doudou yuan offers traditional chinese dance class once a week (which both my daughters attend) after school and they also have art class but that may be for older kids (not sure, have to ask again). My girls also attend dance classes at a place very near our house and i found another dance school yesterday which is even closer to Taida.

Just email me if you want more info - i’m happy to hear another young mom will be studying Chinese - i think i’m the only one at Taida at the moment. You’ll be up to your ears in work though - ICLP is twice as fast/tough as CLD - i don’t think i could do it - so respect!


What a great recommendation. Does any one know of a great school like this in Neihu??? My DD will be 4 in September, and she goes to a nice daycare facility for a few hours everyday. I am really looking for a simple, nice school with a lot of focus on activities and PLAY TIME…I know its asking for a lot, but there must be some nice schools out here in Neihu!

That sounds great. I’d like to find something similar in Danshuei.