Any Latin clubs in Taiwan,.. Taipei?

Hello, I am considering going over to live/work in Taiwan and am interested to know whether there is a Latin music/dance scene there?
In terms of dance,… any salsa dancing,… I would imagine so as every major international city has some sort of a Latin scene.
thank you in advance for all of those who contribute. :slight_smile:

Never been there but here is a place that you might like:

Latin music…hmmmm…
Brown Sugar on Sundays-There is a band and djs. 380 minimum charge but usually free if you say you are a dancer.
Barrio Saturdays, good dj, NT$500
The new Club 75 will surely have lots of Latin stuff opening in a couple of weeks in Neo 19.
Don’t feel like finding the addresses right now, but should be available online.

Salsa Bar in Taichung…never been there as dancing is not on the top of the list of things I enjoy doing but…

Barrio on Tun Hwa South Road and Near Hoping E. Rd. has Latin music, lessons, and dancing. It packs full on weekends.

We aren’t a Latin club, but we have just started to have a Latin band on Tuesdays from 9pm - 11.30pm, no cover charge.