Any Mandarin speaking foreigners from New York?

I just received a call from a big show called Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang. They need a Chinese speaking foreigner, from or familiar with New York City. You’ll only be paid a few or more thousand dollars, but TV can be fun.
I receive absolutely nothing, I’ll give them your number and they will contact you and make the decision. I’m not an agent, I’m an actor with connections, and I enjoy watching new foreign talent.
If you meet these qualifications, please contact me.
See ya, Mark

That guy called me today. Seems he wasn’t feeling the miltown accent. :frowning:

[quote=“Ma Ke”]II enjoy watching new foreign talent.

Talent? Taiwan TV show? Shit, the entertainment industry here is more inbred than the Banjo player in Deliverance.

Watching clowns make an ass of themselves to defend cultural relativism is a more accurate description IMHO.

New York accent? The audience would be content to hear them squeal like a pig and adhere to every stereotype in the book.

The media here is very inbred, a small group of Taiwanese run the show. Taiwan has become a smarter, more modern, international society, they are not stupid and they thirst for more information. I’m always amused by foreigners who believe you must act as a clown to become popular in the entertainment business here in Taiwan, chewycorns, you amuse me.
If it was as easy as some people, who have no knowledge of the business claim it to be, I wouldn’t have had to start this thread, I could have said I was from New York, familiar with New York, stupid and white. That’s not the way it is.
I enjoy watching talented, Mandarin speaking people from different countries, be themselves, argue a topic on TV. These people and I did not come here to entertain, we came here to learn, we just happen to be on TV.
Chewycorns, please send my regards to ric flair.

Isn’t that what I just said?

Still a long ways to go for it to become totally international, welcoming of foreigners, and cosmopolitan.

If you are talking about the media and entertainment shows, I assume you mean the dirt and gossip.

How do you explain your rise to provincial fame?

99.1 percent of the local audience wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

I’m glad, although your English has slipped as a result :wink: Arguing? You mean fighting and throwing things, right?

Who is Ric Flair? Sorry I am not familiar with some aspects of American culture. Is he your body double?

I wish I had time to argue. I’m busy today and I wish you only the best.
Take care, Mark
P.S When I’m rich, I’ll argue, something to do. PEACE!

“Bang bang” hehe snicker

I think it is kind of sleazy that they are looking for a New Yorker for a Guang Bang