Any meal delivery service in Taipei besides pizza and McD?

I’m looking for food delivery service for single meals. Besides Pizza Hut and Macdonalds is there anything else? I also happened to find Any food is fine.

There are services that deliver meals to women post partum. I doubt they would say no if you are a different kind of customer but want the same food. It might or might not be the kind of food you want, though, and it’s a fixed menu at a higher price, not single meals. Sandman swears by their kidneys stewed in rice wine. :laughing:

Also some of your local restaurants may deliver, if you ask; they routinely deliver stacks of biandang to nearby offices, for instance. Chinese language ability is probably needed to negotiate the above. Do you speak Mandarin? Just ask “you3 mei2 you3 wai4song4” at each of your nearby restaurants to see if they deliver, and “Zui4di1 duo1shao3qian” or “duo1shao3qian2 cai2 you3 wai4song4?” will find out the minimum price order for delivery. Also ask them if there’s a restriction on time, since some deliver but not during their peak time, or they require a certain amount of advanced notice. I imagine that if you negotiate with them for daily delivery over a longer period they might be more likely to oblige, but it would be up to you to discuss that with them.

Other than that, there are of course other pizza places (e.g. Domino’s and Napoli; your title originally didn’t say no pizza), and some of the food they have is not pizzas, e.g. some have diversified into fried chicken, and so on. KFC and some 7-11s deliver. For the latter you have to ask at the store to find out in advance, get their phone number, and make sure you know the names of the items in Chinese.

Quite a few smaller restaurants deliver, just get out and go for a walk around your neighbourhood. The ones that specialise in delivery will have scooters in the front of their shop with advertising plastered on them.

There is a great new service called Doggybag that handles delivery for the Diner, NY Bagel and Subway among other restaurants in downtown Taipei.

More info here:

Hrm doggybag looks interesting. Its not in English though. I’ll fumble my way through google translate and try it out.

If you like biandang, you should be happy, but should need to order more than one i am affraid

With a freezer and microwave, you’ll be all set.

McDonald’s delivers??

Yup. As does KFC… Imagine that.

Beyond Pizza and Burgers, you cannot get anything delivered on the spot reliably. Nutrifresh delivers according to their schedule, not yours. As for Doggybag, what I heard from restaurant owners is that their delivery is handled by a third party courier, so it can sometime be a bit of a Russian roulette with the timing.

This is the area where UberEats delivers

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There’s also foodpanda

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thanks. this seems to be their delivery coverage in TPE


How is honest Bee. They just popped up in Malaysia but I live just outside of their delivery range.

I assume that is a question.

They’re great! Imagine you had a few drinks and are feeling hungry, but you can’t be bothered to go out, they deliver Wang Burger right to your doorstep. Even if you live on the 6th floor in a building without elevator.

Another old thread rises from the dead.

While we’re at it, KFC has their own delivery service. I’ve also seen LalaMove and GoGoVan scooters delivering food, but they provide service for food shops, you can’t order directly from them.

Taipei hates Nangang.

See map above. lol

In addition to Uber Eats, there’s a new one called Deliveroo.

Which deserves points for just the name, really

Food panda, Uber eats. Uber data getting a lot of service there days here.