Any mixed race Eurasian youtubers from Taiwan?

It doesn’t just have to be Taiwan. It could be those from China, HK or any another Chinese country (though Korea or Japan is fine too)
I’d like to find some half Chinese youtubers who were raised in China/Taiwan/HK
So far, I only know:

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I’ll start a YouTube channel and add myself to that list.

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Not Taiwan and not a Euro but American grew up in Japan (Her Japanese is native)

There are lot more mixed or just non local people in Japan, so if you search you can find it.

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I meant a mixed race person (half Asian) and the person in the video has youtube channel.

OK, here is one:

金魚腦Goldfish Brain:金魚腦/videos, daughter of Patty Santoro:

Goldfish brain is the daughter of Patty Santoro?

She doesn’t fit your criterium, but Lauren Chen (aka, the Roaming Millennial; aka, Pseudo Intellectual) is a prominent YouTuber. She is half Hong Konger and half Canadian/European. She is classically liberal, so very much opposed to current leftist ideology, and her show is political and cultural, so YMMV with her depending on your political and moral views.

And she is shockingly beautiful.