Any other Forumosans in a Taiwanese quarantine hotel?

Can you order anything you want (Ofcourse by paying more) or is that not allowed ?

your hotel cutlery suggests a different calibre of accommodation than was arranged by my employer


I’m sure I’ll need some kind of schedule. I do have good friends who can drop things off. It is questionable if the hotel will let me receive packages.

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Only from the hotel menu.

i had food delivery as long as payment was electric, should be the same scenario. this was in march, maybe the regulations have tightened but that seems like a lot…

Ah, the memories…

How much are you paying? Might need to do the whole thing again in a couple of months now that home quarantine is suspended, so I might already start thinking about which place I should try that time…


This is useful info. I think it would be good to have the name of the thread be personalized and walk though anything interesting that happens in the next few weeks.

4600 per night. Definitely book ahead of time to get better deals.
Hopefully they’ll open up home quarantine in the next few months.


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with plastic forks and disposable bamboo chopsticks.

agreed, actually that’s still what i’m using since i haven’t found an apartment i like and the university dorm option is so convenient/economical…

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The AMBA at Songshan, or Ximending?

Actually Zhongshan

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I had the same experience this morning as I start my 15 day quarantine (I shouldn’t have arrived so early in the morning!). So much bleach….so much standing next to a whole bunch of “high risk people” for no reason.

I’ve only had two meals delivered so far, but both were much better than I anticipated. I was able to request no seafood at all for my son and me, and so far that has been followed (unlike places who try and explain that the fish they’re giving me came from a river and is therefore not “seafood”).

To make some room I put the mattress for one bed on the other and leaned the frame up against the wall, so my son and I have a little room for exercise and the Oculus that I bought primarily for this occasion.


Is anyone currently in government quarantine facilities ? I am travelling next month from the UK, a high risk country. Not sure what to take and what to expect… Would be grateful for any info.

Is there anything online to be filled in before the journey to Taiwan ?



If by government quarantine facilities, you mean quarantine hotels, then I believe…OP?

I believe there are two different options:

  1. The (cheaper?) government quarantine facilities, which are required for those who have come from whatever countries are currently on the high-Delta-risk list - with stay at least partially subsidized by the government.
  2. The different quarantine hotels, where you’re going to have more choice over where you stay, and perhaps nicer facilities. And you’ll pay more, I believe. If I’m reading it right, the OP is in one of these. Here’s one website with a list of those.
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I have heard that there are two types of quarantine accommodations:

If you come from the countries with the high risk of Covid /Delta/Brazil (Gamma variant), India, the UK, Peru, Israel, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and, newly added to the list, Myanmar (Delta variant). you do not pay for the quarantine hotel.

If you arrive from any other countries, you need to book and pay in advance for the hotel.
Has anything changed in this matter ?

Correct. You do have to book ahead of time for proof of quarantine arrangements. You don’t have a choice of location with the government facilities. I’ve seen some photos that look fine so I’m sure it will be okay.

Your airline will show the the travel requirements and one of these should be the link for the Quarantine System for Entry form 入境檢疫系統(航機版)Quarantine System for Entry (Aircraft version) - 衛生福利部 online complete with your phone number so you can get an SMS when you get off the plane. Clicking the SMS link will then complete this form. Save the screenshot as you’ll need to keep showing it to others in the airport. If you don’t have a Taiwan sim card, you can get a sim card right when you get off the plane.

You’ll also need your RT-PCR test results within 72 hours of boarding.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not bad.


Looks like airplane food…