Any other Forumosans in a Taiwanese quarantine hotel?

Getting through the airport isn’t complicated if you have you paperwork in order and have signed up with the government website ahead of time which will send you an SMS when you land.
They give you a bag card (inform of prohibited items) try to line everyone up when you get off the plane to make sure everyone gets the SMS.
Show your phone screen with completed form and they’ll send you to a station to recheck passport and phone screen. Then off to baggage claim.
Your bags will have been soaked with a bleachy water solution when they arrive. I packed my clothing in trash bags inside the suitcase to avoid damage.
Then exit customs. I used egate and a person is checking RT-PCR forms prior to letting you enter. Just outside customs is where you fill a form for the spit test plus get the rapid test for day 10.
After you complete the spit test form, they route everyone outside around the corner to park your bags, and then to portable booths to spit into the sample cups.
Leave the bagged sample then they put a sticker on your sleeve and then on to the taxi stand. You will see many people drizzling bleach water or spraying all around you. You should have your completed form with your hotel destination or you can fill a new one.
The taxi people spray you and your bags again. The taxi to Taipei costs 1000 with the govt paying the balance.
The hotel people spray you and your bags again.
I chose the Amba and it is very clean. They called me to go over the zillion rules and then sent dinner. It was hot and they called me when it was delivered.
I did bring some survival food like tuna and crackers, hot sauce, soup, coffee,and a bottle of good vodka. I have a noodle cookpot with me. I am thinking of having them buy me some salad veges so that I don’t just live on carbs.
This is going to be a long 14 days.


I think they need to use more bleach throughout the SOP.

I feel bad for the environment. Not to mention my skin and clothes.


Well, did your white clothes come out whiter after all the bleaching?
Is your hair blond now?


Ha. Maybe tomorrow it will be blonde.

What’s the dinner like?

i did 3 weeks because of k-town rules, do you have someone local who an do supply drops for you?

hot baths and yoga got me through. and arguing with strangers on the internet


Not bad.


Can you order anything you want (Ofcourse by paying more) or is that not allowed ?

your hotel cutlery suggests a different calibre of accommodation than was arranged by my employer


I’m sure I’ll need some kind of schedule. I do have good friends who can drop things off. It is questionable if the hotel will let me receive packages.

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Only from the hotel menu.

i had food delivery as long as payment was electric, should be the same scenario. this was in march, maybe the regulations have tightened but that seems like a lot…

Ah, the memories…

How much are you paying? Might need to do the whole thing again in a couple of months now that home quarantine is suspended, so I might already start thinking about which place I should try that time…


This is useful info. I think it would be good to have the name of the thread be personalized and walk though anything interesting that happens in the next few weeks.

4600 per night. Definitely book ahead of time to get better deals.
Hopefully they’ll open up home quarantine in the next few months.


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with plastic forks and disposable bamboo chopsticks.

agreed, actually that’s still what i’m using since i haven’t found an apartment i like and the university dorm option is so convenient/economical…

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The AMBA at Songshan, or Ximending?

Actually Zhongshan

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