Any outdoor swimming pools you don't need to wear caps/skin tight shorts?

As the title says, i’m looking for an outdoor swimming pool but most of the public ones require you to wear super tight shorts and swimming caps, I prefer just my trunks.

Also, nothing too expensive like W-hotel/Shangri


Just nerd up and wear the nerd gear like the rest of us. No one is looking too hard at you.


I’ve found only one: The White Castle hotel/beach spa place in Fei Cui Wan. And this is only because nobody was there to enforce the rules. It was around 400 nt for entrance into the pool, showers, and then out to the beach. I just went into the pool with my trunks for the beach and nobody made a big deal out of it.

And really this is about it. I actually like the gear now! (But I’d never wear it back home.)




Its one of the stupidest things about tw…
Even if your bald you need a cap…
And beitou Public hot springs needs spandex only for men and no cap…
i refuse the spandex , cap i do wear but. Refuse to wear a lost and found cap.

I hope you find a place and all foreigners may join


Neither cap nor spandex needed in naked hot springs. Very liberating.


I went to the a naked one it was a little pricey… And they separate the genders so when you go with a female its like ill see you in 2 hours enjoy looking at juicy grammas lord knows us guys love Looking at schlongs


Ha, yeah I can see why it might not suit you. I always go to 森林風呂 in Jiaoxi. It costs like 120nt for the entire day. It’s clean and Japanese outdoors style. But I go by myself. And although I don’t mind looking at schlongs, at my age I’m really just there to relax my old-man muscles.

Sounds like a great place !

I haven’t been here but have heard it’s nice. Hepingdao Seawater Swimming Pool.


That looks amazing!

Ive never been.stopped wearing swimming.shorts. I.also.refuse those.ultra tight things, just all wrong. The cap makes sense cause.they dont like changing water and maintaining filters. Yum.

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Neither have I, wear cap not tried without.

I the only place i have been told to wear spandex was public hot springs,and they sell tighties @250 nt
Maybe just a way to make $$

I think if the op can find a new place and compromise with a cap life is normal.

This is an outdoor swimming pool in Ilan County (closest town is Jiaoshi) that’s fed by clean mountain water.

Accessible via taxi from Jiaoshi Station.


Logic test here…
Caps, I understand.
What’s wrong with swimming shorts?

If you’re going there, you might as well turn right instead of left and you can go free snorkel off the lava rocks in the open ocean, you can wear a Ronald McDonald suit for all anyone fuckin cares…


I’ve got to raise my newbie-don’t-no-squat-so-huh? card on this, myself.

Even though I’m still in my “this is a thing?” stage about the topic, I may as well ask, “Anyone know the local rationality/ rationalization for this?”

There are reasons, but I doubt you’d consider any of them “rational”

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What I’ve been told by pool staff and other locals…

  1. Board shorts look too much like normal shorts. They don’t want dirty every day attire to muck up the water.

  2. Same as #1, but about the material…afraid it will color bleed.

  3. Tighties help keep your personal bits from bobbing and free floating. Pubic hair can’t escape tighties as easily.

  4. Many board shorts don’t have built-in liners to help prevent #3.

  5. Swimming is for exercise only. Tighties give you less resistance and are less prone to falling off. Board shorts create drag.

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