Any place that sells the iCurve or similar notebook stand?

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for the Beklin iCurve anywhere in Taipei. It raises the powerbook to normal monitor height–for use with an external keyboard. It’s good ergonomics. There is at least one other stand; are any of them in Taiwan?


you have PM

start by visiting the Mac shop at Eslite on DunHua.
then go to

I’ve been to NOVA, Dunhua store, and Eslite. The NOVA guys were nice and called around for me. You can get the iCurve at the store by Zhongxiao Xinsheng. There’s two stores near there there, it’s the one further away from that computer market, in the alley.

I’d recommend this to anyone who uses a laptop for long periods. I read the other day even the CDC doesn’t recommend laptops for their primary computer.