Any planes leaving around Chinese New Year still have seats?

I can’t seem to find a seat! I want to get out of here for Chinese New Year!? Argh! What to do?

I’m sure China Airlines can accommodate you! Hee Hee :laughing:

you might be out of luck! i always try to reserve in september or october at the latest to be sure of getting the exact days i want. you may have to push your trip forward or backward a few days, or get on as many waiting lists as you can and hope some people cancel out.

Check the Philippines.

I just received this email the other day from a travel agent I sent a letter to inquiring about flights to Canada. There still are seats available depending where you want to go.

Following is your flight schedule confirmed from NorthWest Airlines (NW):

1 NW 70Q 29JAN (WED) TPE/DTW 0915 1205
2 NW 464Q 29JAN (WED) DTW/YYZ 1340 1452
3 NW1753Q 10FEB (MON) YYZ/DTW 0945 1101
4 NW 69Q 10FEB (MON) DTW/TPE 1255 2035 11FEB (TUE)

Price: NT$38,800 (cash) or $39,900 (credit card)

***By the way, I declined the flight offer. Too damn expensive to go see the grey skies of vancouver in February.

when i called around right before new year, everyone told me that they were all booked. but my travel agent kept trying and got me a package to phuket last week. also heard of some other people who’ve booked to go to thailand the last week or two. either cancelations or just some seats freed up recently. i would keep trying.

Over the years i’ve found that nearly all the planes are booked well in advance. This is due to people booking 5 or 6 tickets in advance to give them an option when CNY rolls around. They are only provisional bookings and are not paid for. Come pay up time they have to choose one of them and the others will be freed up. It is a pretty sad system but the same each year. Keep in close contact with your agent and you’ll find seats popping up regularly. Good luck!!

We were wait listed from last October until this week. We finally got confirmation. Anyway, according to my agent, most of the “tours” which are part of the whole overbooking problem, require payment by tomorrow. If you fail to pay on the 15th you will be cancelled, so try again tomorrow or Thursday AM>

Good Luck!

Hobart, tickets can still be found. Wife and I got booked a couple of tickets to Phuket on Friday arvo.